30 March 2010

picking up chicks

First a chick, then a duck
The local feed store has baby chicks every spring.

So, so cute! Had to check them out.
Ya can't work all the time, ya know!
Must be the full moon last night.

Kronik low carb energy drink
Hard to find in stores - pretty good "rush"
Grilled angus burger w/ salad
Lined the cabinets (under the sinks) with peel-n-stick tile!
Rather than contact paper.
Fast, cheap, water-proof, and durable!
Get that thing back inside!
Don't you know - nature abhors a vacuum!

Monster w/protein x2
Hamburger patty and salad
Handful of pistachio nuts
Coffee w/sf hot chocolate x2 


  1. Lots of Bio-Freeze today!
    Physical work is good "medicine" sometimes...
    Gets your mind focused on the tasks at hand!

  2. Wonderful job on the sink!!! Hope you have an outstanding day today.

  3. Thanks!
    The movers come today.....so...
    Looks like it's all coming together, after all!

  4. awww! peep peep (and not the sugary type). Nice looking tiles too.

  5. I could do with a 'rush'! Two teaspoons of instant coffee in a mug just isn't doing it for me any more... lol

  6. LOL at the vacuum comment. :D

    aw, those chicks are so cute! I love holding chicks. And baby ducks. I may have to go to the feed store now. No, I'll end up taking one home and have to do battle with the HOA.

    Great job on the renovations!

  7. I could use a rush myself! Can't wait to see pics of the new place with all your furniture and stuff.

    lol at the vacume thing...you funny girl!

  8. Awww, baby chicks and ducklings. So cute.
    The tiles look great under the sinks, and such a good idea.

  9. The chicks are too cute! Very Easter-appropriate.

    9 weight loss

  10. Nini and Kayla would love for me to bring home chicks ... until they grow bigger than them. LOL They are very cute.

    I live much of the day with my head in the vacuum of space ... :D

  11. Cute chicks! And LMAO at 'nature abhors a vacuum'

  12. Aaawwwwww...those chicks and ducklings are soooo cute! Great job on the cabinet and hahaha to the vacuum joke.

  13. I stepped on a baby chick when I was little and when I picked it up, it lay there limp in my hands. I still feel guilty.

  14. Love baby chicks...

    great idea of underneath the cabinets. They always tend to get so yucky.


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