01 March 2010

low carb what?

There's a lot of questions about what you can have
on a "LowCarb" regime.

Well, you "can have" anything you want, really.
Some things just work better for weight-loss than others.
Sure, there are meats of all kinds. 
Beef, chicken, fish, pork, turkey, etc.
This we know.
Salads of all kinds.
Cheese, eggs, etc.

Some  Most veggies -
Just not the super-starchy ones  :(
But there are so many more things to eat and still be LowCarb.
It really is just common sense on a plate.
Yes, you there, with your hand raised.
Fruits? Berries? Nuts?

Yes and yes!
It might be easier to list the few things that aren't
LowCarb, than to list all that is!
Well, not LowCarb*per se!

Monster w/protein
Atkins bar
Oatmeal on peanut butter. Yep, a little snack.
coffee, w/ sugar free hot chocolate
water, creatine 
Angus patty grilled
salad w/1,000 island dressing.
snack pack of pistachio nuts
No work today, no work-out
Stretching every day...even "off" days


  1. a colorful plate is a low carb plate

  2. Indeed, SheZug!
    LowCarb isn't all Beef Jerky and Hard-Boiled Eggs any more!

  3. I love low carb eating... it just doesn't reciprocate... I get really depressed! On the other hand I need to include protein with all my meals to keep my blood sugars stable.
    So a balanced diet for me :)

  4. It really is what works for each person...
    Some people talk smack about LowCarb,
    and they don't know the first thing about "ATKINS."
    Makes you wonder where they did their "research"!

    "Balance is more than not falling down."
    ...a quote I once heard....

  5. What's low carb? Is that Atkins?

    You know, I didn't seriously count calories until a couple weeks ago. I had no idea that pasta was so caloric! Good grief, I probably owe all my back fat to pasta! How unsexy, but yummy.

  6. Hiya, Alexia
    Dr Atkins has a LowCarb diet/way-of-eating plan.
    Not all LowCarb is Atkins.
    There are different variations on the theme.

    Pasta? Yes, it's kinda starchy-carby.
    They do make a LowCarb pasta - Dream*field's...
    It's pretty good, actually.

  7. Anne, still trying to figure out exactly what I should be eating.....I think maybe I should look for the Atkins book......you are looking great.
    ........:-) Hugs

    PS: I am diabetic, can I still follow it?

  8. I think this is awesome how your doing your blog Anne, very informative. great job. take care.

  9. Tofu? That's my meat alternative.

    It never ceases to amaze me how GOOD fresh fruit and veg look together, and yet a lot of us are drawn to ugly, beige food?!? What's that all about?!? lol

  10. I only know what works for me.
    I am never trying to give medical advice!
    Or non-medical advice....for that matter.
    LowCarb - Atkins - SouthBeach - all of these are "safe,"
    but always, always, always ask your doctor first!
    *They know more than I do!*

    At the end of the day, my so*called LowCarb diet is just
    no starches, like grains, no obvious offenders, like sugar,
    and no high-glycemic load fruits & veggies.
    Nothing that causes insulin "peaks and valleys."
    It's the insulin spikes that can cause intense hunger, they say.

    I'm not strict about too many rules.
    It all goes back to what works, and what you like.
    A person isn't likely to follow a plan they don't like!

  11. Patsy - I was once a vegetarian, for 15 years or so.
    During that time, I was a Vegan for maybe 9 years.
    Tofu was my middle name.
    Then I had to switch to a protein source that was more
    compatible with my too*fast lifestyle!
    I found I do very very well with red meat.

    Cinner - you are a gem - a shining gem of the blogs.
    Always a kind word. All Canadians must be a nice as you!

  12. I think it's interesting how some people mistake low-carb for no-carb when they think low-carb eating is unhealthy. maybe that's not exactly what you were getting at, but it reminded me of my nutrition class all over again when you said you wonder where people do their "research".
    It sure seems as if you've adjusted well to the low-carb lifestyle ;)

  13. MissyKanna - that's exactly what I mean!
    "What? No fruit? What? No veggies?"
    People ask this of me every day.
    I probably eat more fruit than the people who are asking me.
    I just don't eat several servings at once,
    and wonder why I'm bouncing off the walls later.

    People on diets stop eating candy bars and candy, BUT
    then turn around and eat an apple, a banana, an orange
    AND whole wheat crackers ALL AT THE SAME MEAL!

    Then they crash, only to go through it all again.
    And wonder why they've failed again.

    For me, it was never ZERO carb. Just "Sane Carb."

  14. Giving up bread is what I would find most difficult in a low carb program. For me, small meals, eaten frequently, that contain small portions of protein and carbs is the solution.

  15. A year without gluten, and now I'm off Zantac, Prilosec, and Tums.
    But that's just me.
    Karen/Fitness Journey - "small meals" by that, you mean "small"?
    So many people eat FULL meals several times a day -
    If they have untreated ulcers it might feel better to eat, yes?
    Or they eat fast, fast, fast, and therefore eat more, more, more.

    We are all saying the exact same thing, just in a different way-
    Regardless of the number of carbs, or the number on the scale!

  16. Yeah, most don't focus on sodium. Everyone is focused on calories and carbs and don't realize you need to focus on other things as well or at least be aware. I love how weight-watchers stuff have points but it does nothing to focus on sodium/sugar. But hey, to each their own and whatever works for them.

    You are doing a great job with stuff!

  17. Jessica - thanks, and back at 'cha!
    What breaks my heart, though, is when someone is really really trying,
    and it DOESN'T work for them, because something overlooked like sodium, or sugar.
    One small adjustment could change the direction of a person's entire life!

  18. Anne, I love this blog!! Some people hear low carb and moan and complain that "I can't do that"...no, they don't get it. They just don't understand it is all.

    I have to add something here for your friend Bernie. When Don (my partner on this journey) began on the low carb plan, his diabetes symptoms virtually disappeared. Low carb is theeee way to go, if you suffer from this desease!

  19. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm officially stalking...um...following you now! :)

    Will be back to read more....

  20. Julie - and I, you! Following, that is....Nurse to Nurse....
    Sunny - Good to see you!

  21. I use to be able to eat big heaping plates of pasta with yummy tomato sauce. I can't tell when last I ate a big heaping plate of anything. Oh, wait, that happened a couple weeks ago! Hehe...but that's besides that point :)

    It's funny how we can condition ourselves to eat and enjoy foods that are better for us.
    Thanks for the support on my blog! XO!

  22. Hi Anne h! Lovely photos! Like you, I've been low carb for a year now, and I never want to go back to my old low fat way of life.

  23. "Questions? Yes, you there, with your hand raised." What a hoot! Glad to see your sense of humor isn't low.

    I tried to take pics in a supermarket in Ukraine in 2008 and they chased me out of the store-- Probably because the store was such a dump :-) Your market is fabulous.

    Have a fun day Anne-- It's finally MARCH and almost vacation time!

  24. When I see all the beautiful colors in the veggies I get hungry for them. Can you just come live with us for a couple weeks and teach us the Low Carb for Dummies diet???


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