16 March 2010

a random day

More peaceful scenes from So Cal

Suddenly a duck fight broke out!
A free-for-all for mallards.
Got any grapes?

Way too big clothes...

Having your own kitchenette is great!

No bun - so it's marginally ok...right?

My latest crush....Luna, they call her.
Puppy love, I guess...

Tastes like grape Kool-Aid

Didn't even finish it...

A *new* old favorite

My personal favorite

All kinds of treats here - Energy Shot Heaven.
Corner stores have full displays of every kind of drink!

Monster w/protein
In and Out /no bun...
Went to Trader Joe's today!
Way cool store.
4 or 5 bites of pulled beef BBQ
Too busy to eat, I guess.
Water, coffee w/hot chocolate
Water, water, water...
Thanks for reading -
wish you were here!

This just in - 
The reason I couldn't sleep last night was an Earthquake!
No damage here - we're just south and east of LA!


  1. I can't get used to the time change....
    I hardly sleep at night...
    the adrenaline rush...
    the very idea of just being here....
    I am captivated!
    California dreaming for sure!

  2. Absolutely love those pictures - and no wonder you fell in love with that puppy. How cute!
    Glad to you are enjoying your trip.

  3. Gotta love time change especially after a DST weekend. Luna was too adorable...I might would have had to take her with me. :)

  4. OMG
    I stopped a total stranger in the parking lot
    and asked if I could pet the pup....
    People here are SO nice -
    Even the traffic is nicer than the drivers in Dallas.
    I just love every minute of my time here.
    Why vacation anywhere else? It's just what I needed!

  5. I'm so glad to hear you're having fun!! And wow's some of those places are beautiful.

  6. Sounds as tho' you are having a wonderful, and relaxing vacation. Good for you. The pictures are great. But Luna is just too, too cute.

    AND, thanks for doin' the extra lap on my behalf. I'm hoping to do my own lap this afternoon.

  7. One of the best trips of my life was a trip to wine country in Northern California. I hope you are having the time of your life. From your pictures and scrolling through your posts, it looks like a great time.

  8. such a cute puppy
    love the energy drinks im a big fan lol

  9. Ooooh the pup is adorable!!

    Love the pics. :)
    Ugh, I hate the time change - throws the kids out of whack which means it throws me off as well. lol

    Have a great week!

  10. Love the photos! Spring is in full swing down there.

    That pup is a sweetie pie!

  11. HA!
    This just in - the thing that woke me up this morning was an Earthquake!
    No darn wonder I couldn't sleep!
    No damage here - it was about 20 -30 miles from here.

  12. Brilliant photos! Loving the baggy clothes! :o)

  13. Love the photos. I am glad you are having such a good time - thanks for sharing!

  14. Just checking in on you after reading about the earthquake in So Cal! Glad you are ok. Whew!

    Carry on. :)

  15. Great photos, especially the adorable puppy! Tell those earthquakes to keep away.

  16. That pup is adorable! And your pictures are fab. Glad you are having a great time. It looks incredible. Also very glad you survived the earthquake.

  17. I thought of you at 4:04am when the earthquake woke me up! I hate those things but fortunately it was a small one and now you can say you've experienced one :-)

    In and Out can be addictive. Do you know all the ordering lingo??? Order yours "Protein Style" and they'll wrap it in lettuce instead of a bun.
    Here's more lingo-- http://www.ehow.com/how_2153273_order-in-n-out-burger.html

    Your vacations posts are making me HAPPY!!! I'm so glad you're having FUN!
    xo jj

  18. Oooo! I experienced my first earthquake several years ago in Portland. Made me feel motion sick for awhile. It felt weird.

    I just got back from Trader Joes. I'm waiting to see if I'm allergic to kumquats or not. I ate, too. Am I imagining my face is starting to feel itchy, or is it really? We shall see.

  19. Thinking about you and the wonderful trip. And you were nervous about going....Silly girl!

    Keep on Truckin!

  20. Glad you are having such a wonderful time!

    Boo to the earthquake!

  21. Anne, this looks like so much fun. Yes those clothes are too big but look where you are... southern California....from what I hear there is some great shopping there....now I wish I were there too........:-) Hugs

  22. Did you feel the earth move? When I lived in SoCal, we felt them every now and then. Strange feeling. What was more strange was watching a glass start sliding across the table :0

    "Why vacation anywhere else?" Exactly! Keep havin' fun!


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