08 March 2010

sitting duck

This is how I feel....

Got busy - cleaned everything in the place...
"junk" drawer, silverware drawer,
all the shelves, under the stove...
Inside every drawer, behind every door 
All through the entire apartment.

Frick and Frack came in from the rain!

Can We Haz A Hamburger?

Or maybe this?

Suddenly the largest rainbow appeared!
People were standing outside looking and pointing.

A lovely, gentle sunset...
Wish you could have seen it in person.
This pic doesn't capture the electricity in the air!

A cool, balmy night...
(Can it be cool AND balmy?)

Monster no protein today
Coffee, water, creatine, 
Atkins bar
Hamburger patty 
No lizard - I'm stuffed already.
Aspirin, headache, OMG.....
Trying to not get too wound up - 
So as not to get anxious.
Cleaning helps - organizing helps.
Took lots of stuff and "fat" clothes to
Goodwill.  Lots of trash to the dumpster.


  1. Still at it several hours later...
    A good cleaning is worth 1,000 posts...
    Getting ready for vacation AND
    still moving when I get back.
    And still nervous about going to California!
    I trust myself and I want to go...
    I just can't seem to shake the feeling of impending doom!

  2. That lizard thing was cruel! CRUEL!

  3. I didn't do him in -
    I just found his petrified body under some boxes
    as I was giving my apartment the once over.
    I gave him a proper send off -

    Was it really that disturbing?
    I you want, I'll take it off!
    I aim to please!

  4. Haha, I was joking! As were you!

  5. Good grief, where do you live? I haven't seen a lizard since I left Jamaica! Then again, we have limited wildlife here in NY.

  6. ♡ OMG
    I'm in Dallas, Tx....
    The thing was only about 1/2 inch big... It just looks huge!
    But alas, he was just a babe in the woods.

    So easy, a gecko could do it!

  7. Send some of that cleaning bug my way!!

  8. I let it pile up, then clean it up...
    So no one can say I'm a clean freak - I'm not!
    Cleaning is a metaphor for the work I need to do in my life
    and in my mind...
    Including the mummified carcass - out with the old,
    and all that!
    I cleaned all during the Law and Order Mini Marathon today...
    Sooo...8 hours? It felt good!

  9. The only thing I ever worry about when I'm lucky enough to get to go to California is NEVER wanting to come home. I love California with all my heart *sigh*

    I thought maybe Fric and Frack brought you the lizard. My cat loves to bring me dead things.

  10. Hey Miss Tena - me too
    I love California to bits, and back again!
    Frick and Frack just walked in today!
    They are getting brave - but you still can't pet them.
    They hiss - I know some people like that, too!
    Come near, and boom! Dead lizards every where.
    I'm sure they mean it as a compliment!

  11. Great post! Loved the pic of the rainbow. It's been awhile since I've seen one of those.

    I think moving to California would be nice. I've been there a couple of times. Enjoyed it each time :)

  12. I know... I never had salt to anything I'm cooking. I don't like the taste BUT it seems like it is in so many things I like. GRRRRR.

    I am trying to limit it but as long as I stay around the recommended 2400 I'm happy. I don't even want to know how much I was eating BEFORE I started calculating or watching my food. UGH! :)

  13. Thanks S,
    Wish ya'll coulda seen it in person....
    And I'm not moving to California - but don't tempt me!
    Just visiting. For now!
    Colon D!
    Rather, just in case someone thinks I am talking about my colon -

  14. I love your photographs and your blog always makes me smile :)

  15. Has GEICO put your friend's picture on a milk carton yet? I always have such a wonderful sense of fulfillment when I get something all cleaned up and organized. Doesn't happen often...!!!

  16. VRaz60 - YES!
    This was a rare case of motivation + time + felt good + opportunity =
    I actually got something done around the house!
    Enz - I am so glad you like it here. It might not always show, but I do try to do my best. Even on days that suck.

  17. Hey Anne, What a stunning rainbow to end your VERY productive day! Hope the sun is shining today.

  18. Hey Anne: thanks for the recent drop ins on my blog. I really appreciate the comments. They make my day. This is my first visit here. Think I might stay a while. Love your pictures. Jealous of your vacation!

  19. Wow, you have mad organizational skills! I love it! :o) I get very excited about organizing. My drawers are in sad need of some attention. I thought I was close to the only one who actually organizes the junk drawer. :o)

    What a beautiful sky! The sky is so simple if you think about it, but has a way of looking different on any given day. If only a wardrobe could be similar, then I wouldn't ever have to shop for clothes.


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