29 March 2010

my new (old) digs

Separate bedroom - slash - work*out room
Treadmill, weight bench - you know - that type of thing...
Included a mirror for flexing and posing!
That has to be a good sign, no?

New appliances in the kitchen

It's good to "start over" from time to time...

Keeping it fresh and not too heavy...

Not just a photo*opportunity!
I really can do plumbing, electrical, and framing work.
I built/ remodeled a house before this.
Putting up a few shelves and curtain rods before the furniture goes in.

Now THIS is a photo*opportunity!

Monster LC energy drink w/protein mix
Hamburger patty, chef salad w/ dried cranberries, ham, cheese,
and of course, an avocado....dressing on the side 
(The dressing is on the side; not the avocado!)

I am just not hungry on LowCarb, 
So I never have had to worry about what to eat, or how much.
Once or twice this year, I ate too many nuts. But no real "binges."
Eating too many nuts is a self-limiting endeavor...
Do it once or twice - you're not likely to do it again!


  1. That salad looks yummy....I decided to stay in Phase 1. I didn't have time to read up on Phase 2. I am looking forward to adding some nuts and fruit to the menu!!! No real cravings yet so I guess I am still hanging in there!

  2. The new apartment looks spacious. Your being handy with tools must be an asset when you move. Hope you get settled and enjoy your new place.

  3. Have fun doing up your flat. :o) I'm pretty handy (if need be!) with the power tools, but Craig's a professional builder and as I'm also VERY clumsy, he won't let me near his... lol

  4. I envy women who are handy around the house, I have to hire someone for everything....even though I have tried many times on my own. Just not able or inclined. Enjoy your new place, looks big and roomy.
    The salad looks so good......have a great day my friend........:-) Hugs

  5. Nice place. :) Yeah, I agree w/ what you said about eating too many nuts. lol

  6. Man Girlfriend! When you shake things up you really shake things up. Can't wait to see what you do with the place.

    I'm up for next year if you are!

  7. Siiiigh. Bloggerland is being hinky thus far this mornig. I'll have to come back later ...

  8. WOw, congrats on the new place!

    Hey, I got a CASE of Low Carb Monster. haha Thought about ya.

    Welcome back to Texas. :)

  9. YAY for Texas - my home away from home -
    ...Wait a minute - it IS my home!
    Been gone so long, I almost forgot!

  10. You look fab. Starting over can be magic. When we moved to this town, it was magic for me.

  11. A woman of many talents! Place looks nice and roomy. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  12. I could use a little magic!
    "Real" magic, as it were!
    Here's to a fresh new start!
    A big "fat" fresh start!

  13. Woo-hoo! Look at the smile on your face! You are beaming. Welcome Home Anne.

    xo jj


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