20 March 2010

long beach harbor

 A three hour trip... ♫♬♪♫

The Queen Mary

Long Beach Harbor was fun.
But the best part was meeting another blogger -
the wonderful Joanna Jenkins from "The Fifty Factor!"
I loved every minute of our visit.
She is witty, inspirational, and kind!
Who knew that blogging would open up such a delightful new world!?

My mother once lived in Long Beach -
I felt a real connection to her here.
She loved flowers so much! 

Monster LowCarb Energy drink w/protein
Two of these a day seems to suit my needs
Eggs, Spam & Cheese Scramble
(Don't laugh - it's good!)
Atkins bar
Coffee w/ hot chocolate
Water, water, everywhere.

There's a surprising amount of minutia and planning
that goes in to making a vacation...
I guess it's like anything else - it's all in the planning.
Wish you were here!


  1. Bougainvillea everywhere!
    Poppies everywhere!
    More flora than I've ever seen in "real life."
    And the gracious Joanna knew the names of all of them.

  2. Anne, I love seeing all the beautiful flowers, food and just everything you are viewing on your vacation. Now is the Queen Mary haunted, always wanted to know that.
    So glad you met up with a blogging friend, so many are doing that now.
    Enjoy your weekend.......:-) Hugs

  3. Beautiful flowers! I love those poppies with their little furry poppy-pods. My mother used to grow them.

  4. hi anne, love the photos, poppies and the fact that you got to meet Joanna, I think that is wonderful, until I get back, cinner hey

  5. Anne, I am really loving these pics. I almost feel like I am there.

    Glad you met up with a new friend!

    Nice to feel connected to your mom.

    Keep having fun...

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Everything is so picturesque.

    PS.. i have the gilligan's island song in my head now lol

  7. Hey Anne, LOVE the lighthouse and the palm trees pics. I'm going to remember to line up the sun next time. Thanks for the tip. (All your pictures turned out great.) You'll see mine tomorrow for Sundays In My City.

    The Spam scramble sound like good ole Ohio food :-) Yum.

    Happy vacation! Keep those pictures coming!

  8. Once again you have captured so much of nature's beauty. Glad you are having fun!!!

  9. I can tell by the wonderful photos you are enjoying your vacation to the max. I know about the traffic out there, I grew up out there and after moving to a few other states went back there. I make Spam and egg scramble with lots of onions. How are you on onions?

  10. Spam? LOL I didn't know people actually ate that. :)

    LOVE the pictures. What a beautiful place. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Such a memorable vacation!


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