07 March 2010

what the dog saw

Dog days driving around this week

He never took his eye off of me.
By now, I was 3 or 4 cars back.
He gave me the "stink eye" for sure.

Some "real food" for a change.

Monster drink w/protein x2
Water, sf hot choc w/coffee

Worried about taking my vacation.
They don't always turn out like I wish.
Started to pack & realized I never unpacked from the last trip.
Found a bunch of stuff I didn't count on seeing today.
Sounds like a title for a post on a blog...

Almost decided not to go! Almost.
Then I changed my mind and decided that is exactly why I need to go!


  1. California - look out!
    I'm going to a carbohydrate convention
    for recovering chocolate fiends.
    Should be in good company.....
    Only thing is, no one ever shares!

  2. Those eggs look especially yummy! Carb convention?! REALLYYYY? And what are those monster things you're always drinking?

  3. No, I was just kidding about the Carb Convention.
    But it sounds good, doesn't it?
    Perhaps we should start one!

    The Monster things are Monster LoCarb Energy drinks!
    Like Red Bull....not the healthiest, but ok!

  4. AHAHAHA...I was thinking that you're serious! Yes, it does sound good!

    Do they give wings, too?

  5. Seems a lot of people had their dogs out for a drive this weekend, I think it is cute how they look out the window like that but is it dangerous do you think?
    Are you anxious or excited about your vacation, I would think it would be fun, just the thought of doing something different.
    ..........:-) Hugs

  6. Fear and dread right now....which is not like me.
    I am actually a happy person - or was....
    The minute I leave to go, I'll be like this
    *doggie - in the window*
    having a great time, checking it all out!

  7. I especially like how the dog has one ear flipped back stylishly in the last photo.

    Everytime I am standing in line at walmart and see monster drinks in the icebox I think of you. Still don't like them though.

    Have fun on vacation.

  8. Just stopping by to tell you I did it! I'm going to do a blog post tomorrow but I'm giving you a sneak peak. LOL Anyway, I ran a 39:13 which is waaaaay better than my first 5K at 53 minutes. Shelley did great at 38:10. We stayed together for most of the race until I needed a small walk break or two. I'm pretty sleepy tonight so I'll do a full post tomorrow.

    Thanks for your well wishes and checking in on me. :)

  9. Carb Convention? I'm in! Let's have one.

  10. Oh you definitely need to go then...on your trip! You will have a blast! :o) I'll send lots of positiveness your way.

    That pooch is cute! He gave you the stink eye?! LOL

  11. We all need a vacation from time to time. Oh, and my husband never unpacks fully from trips either. LOL!

  12. Getting ready to go is always the hardest part but one I'm on the road I love it. I hope you do too.

    Don't forget the cell phone and camera charger!!!

    Hope to see you soon,

  13. Wow! Have a good time in Californ i a. Know what's sad? I live right above it and I've only been there once. Once. I'll have to remedy that one day.

    I hope you have a fantastic time and find it worth it to leave 'the comfort zone'. Maybe it is many of ours version of the 'Twilight Zone'. LOL

  14. OMG Mary -
    It might just be the Twilight Zone!
    I am actually in a cold sweat here....
    I am making up every excuse in the world to not go....
    I know it is "just" fear and anxiety,
    BUT/AND it is very real when you are going through it.
    I know all about the metaphysics. Yet my head is in a bucket.
    Not hiding; retching!

  15. He's probably thinking "she probably ate my steak" :) Relax you are going to have an awesome vacation!! I just know it :)


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