04 March 2010

bon soiree brunch

A little party at work

A Tex-mex treat

All LowCarb!

Spring fever is rampant here!

A classy classic

Guess who won a treat?
Me - 2nd most hours worked...
And look at all the time I took off this year!

Picked the RayBan wrap-around style sunglasses
because I am old.
And need polarized side-UV protection.

Monster w/protein
Creatine, water. Coffee w/hot chocolate
Brunch ala above 
Coffee w hot/chocolate for dinner (not too hungry.)
4,000 steps and 
Washed the truck by hand. Cleaned it out, organized my supplies.
Getting ready for the trip! I've got a date with a Pelican.
The one who started it all one year ago!

If anyone doesn't know the story, I started a LowCarb diet one year ago.
While on vacation in the Grand Canyon, I got stuck behind a major snow storm.
After several days of no electricity, not a lot of food, and lots of hiking, 
I came home 15 pounds lighter!

March 2009
205 + pounds
Just a guess - I never weighed myself!


  1. Oh those food pictures are making me hungry. You have done so well Anne, and in just a year. I am so happy for you. Those sun glasses look cool........:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie - thank you for your kind words!
    And the glasses - hehe - a treat for sure.

  3. fabulous food!

    I lost weight in the grand canyon too, just from one hike!

  4. *drool* I love jalepeno peppers. A friend of mine showed me how to mix in the juice with nacho cheese once. If I have cheese with jalpenos, I do this now.

    It is a wonderful feeling winning prizes! Congratulations!

    You have done such a fabulous job on your journey!

  5. Brunch looks wonderful!
    Congrats on winning the prize...looking snazzy. :)

    I just realized that I don't think I'd seen your before pics...what a difference!

    Congrats on all you've accomplished!

  6. Love the sunnies, good choice, mine are wraparound too. (And I am older than you!) And oh my, the before and after pics are awesome. You look great!

  7. Have to admit i'd be going for the jalepeno peppers! Love the glasses :)

  8. Good choice on the sunglasses :-)

    Congrats on your prize-- But that means you worked A LOT.

    And your "before" pic. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! You are an inspiration.


  9. Yikes! Picture #2 is my worst nightmare. Have you mentioned where your vacation is yet? I hope you have fun with your pelican.

  10. Love love love jalepeno peppers...um sometimes they don't love me :( Great choice on the sunglasses! Keep up the great work on your weight loss journey. keep on keeping on!

  11. Ok, you have me salivating, now!! And, while I am extremely disappointed that you did not go with the Audrey Hepburn/Carol Channing model of sunglasses, these look very cool...even on an old "coot" like you. (I should be so "old")

    "You look Mah-vah-lus, Dahling!"

  12. PS It's MARCH!!!! Yeah, when are you coming to Sunny California????

  13. Anne, love, love those sun glasses, uh huh I sure enuf do. great choice, as for an old gat, not, just a very smart one. Congrats on winning, I think you give it your all in everything that you do. amazing before and after pictures. hugs to you.

  14. Love the new shades! Good on you!

    No bifocals? Vision improved? My fingers are crossed. I don't have bifocals, although they were prescribed. I had it filled and couldn't see to read. Now I just take my glasses off to read. You've given me much hope, Wok star!


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