17 March 2010

sheesh * kabob

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Curried Chicken w/Spinach

My first olive

Sloppy technique w/lots of resistance
The resistance is a metaphor as well.

Lunch at a very nice Afghanistan Restaurant
Hot cup of Green Tea with all the spices....
OMG the experience made me cry! *sniff*
Didn't count on it being so overwhelming.
Obviously didn't eat the (basmati and jasmine) rice and carbs.
Maybe a few bites of some of the wraps.
Not even the nan! (or the "naan!")
I did ok, because I wasn't hungry after lunch, 
like a carb over-load would make a person.
Like leaving ketosis would make me.

Monster LowCarb w/protein mix
Pistachio nuts for dinner
Monster LC at night
Coffee w/sf hot chocolate
Water, but not nearly enough, eh?
5,000 steps, but not nearly enough, eh?

Wish you were here...


  1. Go pinch yourself for me if you forgot
    to wear something green today!
    Or go eat something green to make up for it!
    Green beer counts.

  2. Happy St. Patty's Day Ms. Anne.

    I've never eaten Afghanistan cuisine. The pictures you took were mouth watering. Perhaps I need to check out the yellow pages.

    Have a great day!!!

  3. I LOVE curry... I've never been to an Afghanistan restaurant, but we have plenty of Indian and Bangladesh restaurants around here. In fact, curry is Britain's national dish! :o)

    My favourite is chana dhansak (chick peas and lentils in a hot and sour sauce) and vegetable vindaloo. Yummy!

  4. yum yum and more yum
    now im hungry lol

  5. How ever did you resist the carbs?! I would have went mad!
    I love curry. like violently. I remember when I was little and growing up in Jamaica, I loved how the curry chicken made the white rice yellow.

  6. Yum Yum that looks good

  7. Oh i wish i was there too! I would definitely have helped you finish that off :)

  8. That food looks so good! Makes me crave my favorite Indian restaurant.

    Hope you are having fun! Looks like it. :)

  9. Oh my! That meal looks amazing.

  10. That looks good! Did you finish the olive? :)

  11. I don't many Indian foods but I absolutely love somosas.......looking good my friend..Hugs

  12. What a fabulous looking meal! The nan is hard to resist. Good for you!

    Was that your first olive EVER or your first of the meal.

    See you soon!

  13. Geesh, that looks delicious! I like your "workout" hat. ;)

  14. HeHe - Thanks, y'all!
    No - this was my first olive EVER and
    no, I didn't finish it. It tasted great - like red wine.

  15. LOL I thought St. Patricks Day was Sunday. So I was wondering all day why everyone else was celebrating today. LOL

    Mmmm. I love Indian food.

  16. Oh Sweet beautiful food! Great pictures of the food. It's making me very hungry.

    I still can't believe that was your first olive ever!


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