05 March 2010

go ask your motherboard

At a park near Texas Instruments..
Engineer humour?

Spring is almost here in Dallas, Texas
*double click the pic to enlarge it!*

Bees are doing it already - 
cross*pollinating, that is

What ever this thing is,
he's doing something, too

Won't you be my neighbor?

It's not looking good for dear Nanny...

Down the road a ways...
No Saggin'!

Line-x Spray-In Bed Liner for the truck 
and a shiny new "tool" box

Monster w/protein x2
Small green salad (from a bag)
Coffee, water, creatine, sudafed
Snack-sized cheese stick
Atkins bar
Early day today.... 7,000 + steps already
Walked around for a few hours
(that's right; hours!)
while the truck was at the day spa.


  1. I actually fell asleep in the waiting room...
    Half-past time to sleep!

    Some people have asked what kind of camera I use and all that...
    It's nothing special...Just a very simple FujiFilm Fine Pix.
    I carry it with me everywhere these days.
    Double click some of the pics and you can see a lot of detail!
    It does a pretty good job.

  2. Anne your pictures are wonderful....a real sign of Spring and hope. You do take lovely photos and I am in awe. My main goal is to get everything centered, I am hopeless.....:-) Hugs

  3. Nanny? an umbrella crash?! oh my, i knew those things were unsafe! haha that is the most epic billboard I've ever seen. well, sort of seen.
    nice bed liner! your tool box is very shiny.. i like!

  4. I think that skull would make a great tattoo, lol. You always share the funniest things!

    That's a well dressed truck, I must say...

  5. My truck and I thank you!
    Getting ready for our epic road trip!

  6. It's always a treat seeing and reading your blog! One of these days I will go back and read your archives.

  7. Call me strange but that umbrella photo reminds of the film Being There - if things turned out slightly different. One of my favorite films.

    My automobile is currently in the day spa. I'm hoping it only needs a manicure and not all the fixings.

  8. "Won't you be my neighbor?" I love that line!

    A truck spa--- It sounds refreshing just typing the words :-)

    Hope you're having a fun weekend.


  9. love the weights in hte truck bed!! "Coffee, water, creatine, sudafed"... is that combo legal??


  10. That "pull up your pants pic" is too funny! You have a great sense of humor! Thanks for all of your kind words on my blog- they are MUCH appreciated! :)

  11. Tamzin - Legal combo? Only in Canada!
    And maybe not even there!

    Isn't blogging great? Such good support kind words.
    Thank you all for helping me in ways that you will never know.
    I think blogging saved me - twice now!

  12. You have a keen sense of humor! This made me smile. Thanks!

  13. Hi :)
    It's nice to meet you!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog this evening...

    Your pictures are awesome!
    Nice bed liner/tool box.....I'm missing my truck already. I left the transmission on the freeway somewhere between my house and Vegas last Sunday :(

    Way to go on your weight loss :)


  14. I try not to envy your lovely weather, I really try to be happy for your good fortune to live in this darn lovely weather, and I really really try to appreciate all the lovely photos showing the damn good weather you get to live in!!! Smile.

  15. I agree with her ^^^^

  16. I love the upside down heart nose on the grafitti skull. Very friendly! :)


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