03 March 2010

making a spectacle of myself

It's a wonder they don't kick me out of LensCrafters!

Why is it hard to date an optometrist?
They keep asking "Is THIS better, or do you like THAT?"
How about now?

Just in time for summer...

berry close-up
mouth slobbering snack....
Eggs w/spinach and parmesan for dinner.
Or do you call it "supper?"

Monster w/ 2 scoops protein
Creatine, water, coffee
pistachio nuts
Atkins bar.

Scales said 145 this am!
I weigh about once a month, for the record. 10 pounds from my Army weight.
I am 5'2" or 62 inches tall. Someone said they want to know 
how tall a person is when they post a weight.
This is my own grey hair colour.  I am 49 years old, and don't wear bi-focals!
Since losing weight, my vision has improved!

A couple of days off to get ready for vacation. Lots of errands and minutiae.
Love and hugs and blogs to ya'll!


  1. Love the bikini!!
    Ha Ha you're only 2" taller than me :)
    Love those spec's and berries!

  2. I of course added hot sauce to the eggs.
    Chipoltle. Of course!
    Muy Bueno!

  3. Have a nice vacation, I hope you are going somewhere nice and beachy for your new bikini!

  4. East Coast, West Coast, Canada, Mexico,
    Ya never know with me!
    I lurves to take me a nice vacation!
    Don't leave till next week though.....Work!

  5. youre 2 inches taller than I am too! Did you get new glasses? I like the red ones on the lower right hand corner of the top cube (thats confusing lol)

  6. Definitely the gigantic Paris Hilton frames and itsy bitsy bikini.

    And, barring any further arthritic shrinking (I'm in major denial on my osteopenia) I have you beat by 4 inches. I'm a giantess.

  7. I tried on several pair...the one I got, THEY scratched up and have to go to another store to get another lens. So I get them tomorrow. Sunglasses for vacation.

  8. Wow, no secrets with you today!! Good job on the weight loss and have fun on your vacation!

  9. Lin - I know, right!
    I tell it like it is!
    People ask - I tell.
    No surprises.
    Too much?

  10. I always love those eye glass tests! I feel like such a nerd, because I'm so serious about answering the question, even though it's not really an answer you can get *right*. That was a funny joke. You had me laughing out loud!

  11. I like the red glasses as well....how long is your vacation, you are going to so many places. Hope you have tons of fun...:-) Hugs

  12. Have a wonderful vacation!

  13. Anne, Haave a wonderful time. I got my eyes tested, now just have to pick a new frame. I liked the red ones too. take care.....

  14. Love the pictures. I call it dinner :)

  15. I love it over here! And you look damn good for your age! I look way older than you and am a couple yrs younger-so the calendar says

    I love your bikini..it's puuurty! :)

  16. Fun! Another vote for the red frames. Jealous of the bikini bravery. More jealous if you have a beach vacation planned! Ahh sand and sun.

  17. Actually, the bikini is more of a photo op,
    than a reality for me at this time.
    I'm much more of a Jane Hathaway kind of gal,
    not so much an Ellie Mea Clampett kind of gal!

    And yes - sandy beaches, here I come!

  18. Look on the bright side, at least the optometrist keeps asking. LOL!

    I always have to try on a zillion pairs before I guy a new pair of glasses too. There just might be a pair that looks better, right?

  19. LOL! Love all the specs! And the bikini! Thank you for commenting on my blog (still puppy sitting). He spent the night and I have been feeding him. The people who owned him and his bros & sis's werent feeding them (found out he is 7 1/2 weeks old, not 4 1/2), and he is so tiny, his poor hip bones are sticking out. So, I am loving on him, bathing him, playing with him and FEEDING him until we can find him a good home. Broke my heart! and he is so sweet and playful....follows me everywhere in the house then sits at my feet waiting for me to finish what im doing. lol
    Im glad you commented so I could read your blog too. you have a great sense of humor. Im following now........have a great day!

  20. Bragging about not wearing bifocals was not nice! But then I'm much older, so I guess I can get over the diss.

    I vote for the Audrey Hepburn sunglasses!! Very retro.

  21. Hope you have a great time on vacation!

    Nice bikini. :)

    That's a really nice weigh in. I can't even imagine being 145 right now. I'm 5'7" and was 125 when I got married. Was 120 a lot through high school. I think that's just too thin. But I'd rather have to gain weight than lose it any day!

  22. I think I made your following a round number-90 yay! Have fun on vacation. :)

  23. Enjoy your vacation!

    Did the eye doc take a pic for you? :) Glasses shopping is tough. For me, I can't see ... LOL I don't wear bifocals yet, either ... knocking on wood.

  24. Miss Ant Girl -
    I asked the Doc to take a pic, handed him the phone/camera -
    he scoffed and said "Silly woman!"
    But he did it anyway.

    Yo, VRaz - I ain't diss-ing! :D
    He said I could have the bifocals but didn't need them.
    Why, then would I want to have them?
    "Silly Doc!"

    Cool to have new followers - some new bloggers, too!
    It will be fun to watch and cheer each other on
    as we go through the phases!

  25. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. You always make me smile. Rock on, party girl!

  26. You are the original "smile girl."
    Well, one of them, at any rate!
    *Rock Star!*
    Which I just had one of, by the way!
    One each - a Rock Star AND a smile!


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