31 March 2019

duck with me

Yep. Up at 330 am. 
Not sure I got the good end of the deal. 

The weekend case I have
Is so poorly managed,
So dirty, so unorganized...
I finally took my frustrations out
By cleaning up the room. 

Mom bought a used dresser 
From Marketplace. 

I moved it into place, 
And organized all the stuff. 
Every thing. 
It took hours. 

After I cleaned all the stuff
 from under the sink 
In the bathroom I use. 

I guess all this cleaning is a metaphor. 
Ha! I even cleaned out the freezer! 

Everyone and everything 
That is just sitting around- 
Is gone. 
It can be useful-
Or just pretty. 
(I’m no minimalist!)
But redundant or useless 
Must go. 

A curious cat. 
I think he’s gonna have 
the “cat runs” after licking 
out a can of chili. 

My new philosophy. 

It does no good to directly confront an adult. 
They get Defensive. 
Or Passive-Agressive. 

Most people have no idea how to 
Talk to another adultwithout slipping into 
A “Parent” role. 
That’s scolding. 
I’m beholden to no one on earth. 
And I won’t be scolded. 

Corrected- yes. 
Punished - no. 
Scolded - no. 

It does some good to phrase 
“Sensitive Issues”
In the form of a question. 
Like “Would it be ok with you
If I ... x...y...z...?”

I had one friend who “shut down”
When confronted - about anything serious. 
I ask myself “What is the payoff for her?”
The behavior must work 
Or she wouldn’t still do it. 

We keep things that have a payoff. 
Or imagined payoff. 

I’ve got this pesky itch! 
So hard to reach 

I’m very very very happy
To be over the hump. 

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  1. Oh yes. 17 days. Till vacation.
    Is it wrong to count the hours?
    Just kidding. Lol.


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