24 March 2019

23 daze

No. The answer is “no!”
You can’t cheat on sleep. 
The body is too smart. 
The body knows. 

Breakfast for dinner. 

I got myself a present! 
For a cleaner toilet. 

Full stop traffic. 
An hour to get home. 
I don’t get mad anymore. 
It’s just “beeze” that way. 

Protein and protein 
And in between that - protein
- and (gasp) about 30 to 50 carbs. 
Protein is a lousy energy source. 

Protein Sparing is a technique 
For sparing protein
By subbing carbs. 
All the protein goes to wound healing. 
In theory. 

In fact, the cravings make this difficult
 for a low carb person. 

The wound is shrinking exponentially. 

Anyone else getting infestations of cluster flies? 
They’re slow and easy to smush 
And just hang around. 
They make a low buzzing sound. 
It makes your skin crawl a little. 

Go home, May fly. 
It’s just March. 
We got the bugs this year for sure. 

Must be all the rain. 

Look what I found. 
My smile.

Gotta love the Internet 

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