15 March 2019

sleeping over

Yesterday I did some stretching 
Every hour on the hour. 

I even got an app that chimed 
And reminded me. 

I overdid it, though, 
And woke up with a sore knee. 
Of course the burn (and blister) 
   Is on the same leg I broke. 

Hard hard hard work. 
I’m really torn. 

Right now I’m playing the 
“We’ll see” refrain. 

My Yeti cup lid. 
This damn thing.  
Just broke. 
Just had a chip, 
Then a line,
Then a crevice. 
Then it was in pieces. 
Just like what you would 
see on Bugs Bunny. 

Except no carrots. 

So i got to sleep an extra hour today! 
No walk. 
I felt perfectly refreshed. 
Thanks for asking. 

I’ve got this prep thing down
To a fine science. 
I leave everything by the door
And I never forget it. 

Now-  if someone moves it
In the middle of the night...
I’m screwed. 

1 comment:

  1. This is my “Tuesday,” but I knows it’s really Friday!
    No stinking wonder the traffic was horrible today.
    I picked the worst day to sleep in. Lol.


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