10 March 2019

funeral for a friend

Paul’s funeral was nicely done. 

They talked openly about this suicide 
(But not the method he chose)
And told stories recalling his lovable goofiness. 

There were probably 150+ people there. 
They played “Taps” and I lost it. 

Meanwhile, back in BabyLand, 

Little ones are dying en mass. 
Why? What’s up with this horrible infant mortality? 
It’s an American problem, I fear. 
We have become a shit-hole country. 

Love Dove’s favorite toys. 

Dinner was not eaten. 
The Flying Dutchman. 

Sleep was not slept. 
And I moved my trip back one week
And scaled it down. 

I woke up crying in the night 
Dreading having to take such a
Difficult and arduous journey.
I originally made the plans in November. 
So much has changed. 

So I simplified and readjusted. 
And I like it better now. 
More easy. I need that. 

And no crossing back and forth 
To get to Abiquiu. 
Thanks must say- 
Problem-solving at its finest. 

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