18 March 2019

make the best of the day

Where all of Texas weather comes from. 

Baker Hotel. 
Getting a face lift. 

Good for the old Grand Dame 

A perfect day for a road trip. 
68 degrees. 
Spring for a day. 

Long live all of Mineral Wells. 
An anachronism from Judy Garland days. 

Crazy Water #4  please. 
The most crazy for me. 

Trisomy 18 Day. 

Cat food for my trip. 
I’m sure no one will chop raw meat
Twice a day for them
When I’m gone. 
Canned Food- with no filler will have to do. 

Twenty Nine Days 
Till vacation!

So I went to work 
Only to find work was gone. 
What to do? 
I have a list about a mile long! 
So I jumped in the car
And went to Mineral Wells. 
Mark that off my list. 

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