05 March 2019

fun day on a non-friday friday

Still need this to be a straight line. 
I guess it’s not so bad. 

My egg obsession is done. 
The last of the sausage. 
The last of the eggs. 
The last of the grated cheese. 

Even if it’s a educated guess. 

I bought some isolated whey protein 
Yesterday on Amazon. 
I have a burn that’s not healing well
And I needs mah protein. 
So I’m revisiting an old friend. 
Protein Powder. 

At first, this only affected 
the medial side, down to the first knuckle. 
Then, both sides of the finger tip. 
Now, years later- it has moved 
to the second knuckle. 

Still got my walk on. 
Cold in Dallas! 

Someone forgot Granny’s ride! 

Twins. I have twins now. 

And they crawl. 
Man- do they ever! 
I’ve never taken care of a child 
that actually moves. 
They’ve all been Quadriplegic Kids. 
Up till now. 


  1. Vacation starts 5 weeks from today!

  2. Woo-hoo for vacation! But what I want to know is, where does STEAK fit in on that protein chart??!!?? That must have been made by some marketer of whey protein, hmmm??!!??


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