22 March 2019

time to call it quits

Last night I was sick. 
Dehydrated. Headache. 
Bad dreams. 

You only get one body. 
Gotta take care of the beast. 

My mother was the age I am now
When she had her first hip replacement. 
She’d had 3 altogether. 
(Not 3 hips, silly!)

My actual face,
Looking out and trying to ponder
Why people do what they do. 
Sometimes humanity 
has a damn dark underbelly. 

All the rains in Southern California!
Look at the Poppy Preserve! 
Full bloom. I bet it’s beautiful in person. 

Lol. I know some people like this. 

So yeah. I skipped my walk before work, 
and took a nap in the car
Like a homeless person. 
Or a tired person. 

I can’t pull 70 hours. 
I’m too old. 
I drive too far to work. 
I got the money to fund my vacation. 
But it won’t do any good
If I sleep through it all. 

So I’m cutting back from 6 twelve hour shifts 
To “just” 5 twelve hour shifts. 
That’s plenty. 

I kept this up for 2 full months. 
Time to get back between the lines. 
The case I have now is a very active case. 
Lots of therapy and playing on the floor. 
My answer? Ugh!

25 miles until we get to Heaven 
25 miles until our plans are laid 
🎶 🎶 🎶 
Lol. Not the Chicken Ranch. 
25 days till vacation bb

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  1. This is the schedule I will keep from now on. No more working 6 or 7 days a week. I already made up my mind. Nursing doesn’t pay unless you have 2 jobs! But not 2 full time jobs. That’s suicidal.
    I won’t retire. Too expensive. I’ll just work until that fine day when Who Is In Charge calls me to come home.
    Not today!


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