01 April 2019

fools day

If only because it can’t 
be worse than March. 

This might have been one 
of my worst months ever. 

The way to get a good nights sleep
Is to be so tired you can’t see straight. 

And avoid all but a teaspoon of whiskey. 

Got up early to do the bathroom 
Two days in a row. 
Only to find out the painters are coming 
This morning at 8. 
(They’re late!)
Everything out. 

Spent 2 days cleaning 
A patient’s room. 
Cleaning and organizing. 

I didn’t take “befores”
But let’s just say 
It was like living in a warehouse. 
Boxes on top of boxes. 

No more wire hangers! 
The first to to mess this up
Gets to deal with me
And my OCD. 

Wings at work. 
They had Pizza. 
One bite and I had heartburn all night. 
It’s never worth it. 

Once or twice in a year,
A cheat bite is satisfying. 
The risk is not worth it. 

Will it work? 
Won’t it work? 
Can’t take a chance anymore. 

Finally going home. 
2 hour delay. 

So goodbye to March
And hello to April! 

I’m celebrating early
By calling in sick 
A half day. 

Is age a reason to abuse 
Someone’s good natured hospitality ? 
I’m much more likely to help someone 
Freely and totally - when it’s not demanded of me. 
Or expected. 

Am I being selfish? 
And if so- 
Is that necessarily a bad thing? 

And wow. 
We’re in the final countdown! 

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