29 March 2019

oh happy reuteri day

As hard as I work at sleeping 
I should be a champ by now. 

Every now and then, a real- live hero comes along. 
Dr Robert Atkins is one of mine. 
And so is Dr William Davis
Wheat Belly. 

On his blog, he has talked about 
the advantages of this particular probiotic. 
Lactobacillus Reuteri. 

Also Primadophillus Reuteri. 

De Davis gave a recipe for yogurt, 
Using this culture. 
I never got around to making the yogurt. 
But I have started taking the supplement. 

This one product has helped me 
More than any other single change 
I have made in my daily regime. 

I take it- I feel good. 
I miss it- I feel lousy. 

For me, it’s the missing link to health. 
Well, this, and fasting. 
And keeping low carb. 
The holy trinity of what my body likes.

So thanks, Dr Davis! 
I can’t wait to make the yogurt. 
It’s supposed to be every stronger, 
More effective, and better absorbed. 

Oh yeah... 19 days! 

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