07 March 2019

new room

I am not a good one 
To shoot the shit with the guys
Late at night. When I 
get up so early in the morning. 
I walk out the door at 0530. 
Dressed packed and ready. 
DJ hours. 

The lazy way to not have dishes to do. 

Thanks, Pete! 

Very very good. Chinese Buffet. 

So the room is all moved. 
All the lights are in place. 
Looking good. 

Place for my camping gear.
Whenever I think of something I need, 
I go get it, and put it on the box. 
Like a list, but better.

I can hardly wait to get this funeral over with. 
What a crazy month this has been. 

The people I work for aren’t answering the door
To let me in to start they day. 
It’s raining. And cold. And windy. 
I’m tempted to get in the car and go -
No Show-  ya gotta wake up 
And let the nurse in. 
Just that much. Ya gotta. 

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