08 March 2019

twin day

Appointment at 1 was cancelled. 
But hey. Don’t worry about 
Checking the voice mail. 

“Well- the Doctor can see you
But not till 4 pm.”

“So please feel free 
to stroll around the grounds 
aimlessly with 2 screaming babies 
for like 3 hours.”

Got my Actiivty Rings today. 

Over 8000 steps. 
And the mom is young and tall
With long strides. 
I struggled to keep up. 
But that’s ok. 

Got take out last night. 
This morning no damage done. 
I had my fave sweet potato. 
I truly enjoyed every bite. 
It was like a prisoner having a last meal
 before execution. 

Ahhhh no longer full of sh!t

Fell asleep in my clothes last night. 
With the watch on the charger. 
I always get up and go 
back to sleep in the morning. 
Always. Every day. 
Kind of  a preparatory phase
Tonstart the day right. 

I’m historically the nurse
 they send to difficult cases. 
But that designation 
Wears thin. 
I’ve already cut my teeth
And paid my dues. 

My rule is 
(Well, one of them, at least)
Never make a decision 
when you’re mad or tired. 
I was so tired last night 
I fell asleep in my clothes
On top of the covers. 
With leg cramps. 

Day off today. 
Might go get some errands run. 
Might just hang out in my pajamas all day. 


  1. I also had some spinach. Creamed spinach. And I was sore and hurting all night! The knuckles in my hands were swollen and painful.

  2. My son is a medical supply driver for hospice. Not answering the door or even the phone is one of his pet peeves.
    Your vacation is getting closer and closer.
    I am sorry about your brother and the way life has been.
    Here's to betterness. Blessings Anne.


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