20 March 2019

day off

No interruptions,
 but not quality sleep. 

11% rise in heart rate. 

O Kee Doe Kee then ! 

Ah - a blessed day off. 
Two days this week 
I slept 14 hours in a night.  

I had carbs -
Protein sparing. 
Higher than what I would like 
For a morning reading. 

Carbs add such bulk to muscles. 
I feel like a body builder right now. 
Full of mass and muscle! 

Each gram of carbohydrate
Have one gram of of carbs
And your grams of water. 
That’s lists of bulk. 

No wonder competition body builders 
Eat carbs to “fill out” 
Before a competition. 

Full moon fever. 

Welcome to my neighborhood. 

My wound. 
Covered with no treatment 
except soap wash. 
Keeping it dry. 

And here it is. 
My wound. 
I haven’t had a wound since 1982. 
When I had an ingrown toenail. 

Probably these shoes. 
Double laces. 
Small toe box. 
Causes problems. 
Back then, I also though 
Slim Fast was a good product 
for weight loss. 

27 days and counting. 

Coffee and a movie. 
Early in the morning.
The Life Of David Gale. 
Erin Brokovich. 
Eye Candy Delux. 

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  1. When I first saw Julia Roberts, I though she was an ugly ducking. I couldn’t stand her. I wouldn’t watch anything with her in it.
    Now... since watching Erin Brokovich... about 10 years ago.... my goddess... my goodness....


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