23 March 2019

the end is in sight

Sweet medicated sleep. 
I need to go to the VA 
and get some medicine
To sleep. Just like this-
Every. Single. Night.  

It’s a cheap trip...
But it’s (marginally) better
Than no sleep at all. 

Taking care of two toddlers 
When I’m paid to take care of one. 
It’s literally killing my spirits. 
I go home and go to bed. 
I wake up and go to work. 
And now... I’m done. 
After vacation- no more of this! 

I know it’s the right decision,
Because as soon as I chose this,
My shoulders relaxed,
And I felt the tension leave my body. 

A beautiful rainy weekend in store 

Leftover Delight. 
Salmon Patty with SourCream and Dill. 

Link Sausage and Eggs 

Runny Eggs. 
With Hot Sauce. 

“Mommy I love you! 
Also, my bowl is empty.”

Migraine glasses. 
Airquote LOL

With my sunglasses and earplugs, 
I have many people thinking 
I’m a high-functioning Aspie! 

Sadly- no... I’m just a Nerd
(With a hint of OCD)
Who is not crazy about screaming kids
And blaring bright computer screens. 
But I take it as a compliment. 

Beep - beep
Beep - beep 

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