07 February 2010

a thousand nerds

a picture is worth
1,ooo nerds....

Peace to all who enter here!
There is a gap between
what I know, and how it seems to be.
Knowing the gap is temporary is the hardest part. 
It's hard to put into words.


  1. The scrambled eggs in pic #4 don't look so good here.
    Maybe it looks better on your screen?
    Eggs, sausage, cheese, coffee.
    Peace to all!
    Hope you are well and having a great night!

  2. Monster! Is that a picture of the monster in the mug or beer?

  3. Looks like a beer, right?
    That much beer would have too many carbs!

  4. I love your pictures and the food looks delicious. Looks like you had a good day?

  5. I love all your photos, I thought for a moment you were having chinese food. kidding, it looks great. I Loved the sign on the door. take care , think of you often.

  6. Thanks, kind friends!
    It means so much to me that you check on me.
    I think of you often, too Cinner!
    We could all use a little peace, eh?

  7. Like the door knocker. If only achieving peace was as easy as walking through a friendly door. I wish you well!!

  8. Or walking away from an UNfriendly door, perhaps!
    That's not my knocker, by the way.
    This was at the Catholic church!

  9. Knock knock!

    I bought a low carb monster drink the other day in honor of you. ... It's still in the icebox. I'm a little scared to drink it. what does it taste like?

    By the way, how do you get the 4 pictures in one effect? Is that an html trick?

  10. She Zug
    The Monster drink LoCarb tastes like bubble gum
    with a hint of strawberry. Just a little fizz.
    I use a vanilla flavoured protein and add different DaVinci Syprup flavours every day. Today, I had chocolate with Raspberry.
    Orange w/Peach is good. Coconut w/Pineapple. Endless variations!
    Course, there's caffeine...I add MORE to my diet by taking guarana.
    Pretty hard-core caffeine fiend that I am...

  11. And SheZug - the 4 shot mosaic is a feature my phone camera has....
    A Samsung Finesse - not too shabby considering all that poor phone has been through! Many a long, long, late-night convo!


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