04 February 2010


TOLL henge
At this shrine, local persons offer sacrifices
 and tokens to the gods, hoping for a safe journey...
A place of pilgrimage for Monday morning believers...

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Today's food was whack!
Monster/ w protein
1 thing of cheese
Hamburger patty w/H57
1 serving of cashews
1 atkins bar
water, coffee
1 sudafed 12 hour tablet
Too busy to eat, but I never noticed.
Not hungry at all. 

My wrists have big knobby bones sticking out!
And the size Large scrubs are WAY too big.
Riding the elevator up to The Office.
It's wild, going to the same place every day.

What's next? 
An office entanglement?
Just kidding!
You know this!

They Might Be Giants
"Seven Days Of The Week"
video on YouTube


  1. Just a photo op!
    Quote unquote.

  2. Toll Hendge, lol. You have the weirdest sense of humor. I like it =D

  3. Look how cute you are :-))))

    Godson and I just did homework on Stonehenge! I'll show him these pics tomorrow.

    Hope you day was good and your Friday is even better.

    PS That dog would drive me nuts!

  4. JJ - Thanks for the cute comment!
    It's been a long while since I could tolerate the look of my own face.
    Even when I was fat I never hated myself.
    Glad to report that situation is resolving!

  5. lol @ the dog! ( who gave that poor thing speed?:)

  6. Rachel - old diet pills perhaps?
    The old dilema.
    If the dog eats your diet pills,
    would you take it out of his mouth, and eat it anyways?
    Me? Prolly would have!
    Not THIS dog, though!

  7. You are amazing...I'm better today because of you're comment or lack thereof. There is something to be said for something not having to be said. Thank you.

  8. That dog looks disturbingly like my ex-husband after he lost his teeth:-)

    And yes, you are cute! I wish I had the courage to wear my hair as you do.

  9. Oh, I lurves the toll henge. Fabulous. And, I agree with the others. You are looking fabulous, too. The flow of your consciousness is mega entertaining. :)


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