26 February 2010


Perfect for Canadian Bacon!
From Macy's - my favorite store.
rainy Friday
grilled hamburger meat......w/ ketchup and dry mustard

chin up bar - flat footed...and "tippy-toes"
inside the closet here -
not too messy, I guess.
caffeine free
diet coffee
A little cuppa for you, yes?

Monster w/protein
Hamburger meat w/ketchup & mustard
Snack Pack of Pistacios
Creatine, water, coffee
real coffee w/sf hot chocolate mix
Atkins bar - granola style 

Suddenly, I can tolerate chocolate again. Couldn't stand it for like 4 years.
Go figure - I was a chocolate fiend! Good thing is now, I don't *crave* it.
We made our peace, and can be friends again! And enjoy a taste on a cold, rainy morning.


  1. I, too, love Macy's. We don't have one here, but the online store works for me. That way I can avoid a mall. I'm mall-phobic. Love the Maple leaf spatula!! I have a heart shaped one that we use for the grandkids pancakes. Funny about the chocolate. Wonder what the deal was?

  2. VRaz60 - I know, right?
    I just woke up one day, and my taste for chocolate was GONE.
    4 years later, I can tolerate it....when it's mixed with something.
    Like strong, hot coffee....or just a drizzle on an ATKINS bar.

    Hope ya'll have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. Macy's, JC Penny's are two stores I always make a point to shop at whenever I am in the States......love those stores.
    Have a great weekend Anne.......:-) Hugs

  4. Hey Anne, I have never been to Macys or JCPennys, I am going to check them out online, love the spatula hey., I wish I could wake up and have the taste for chocolate gone. take care. Have a great weekend.

  5. I do love me a piece of dark chocolate now and then. Reminds me that I have not seen Chocolate Man in ages. I do miss the chocolate covered licorice. Mmmmm. And I can stick to one ... unlike other licorice.

    Funky spatula. Maybe it's for spanking Canadians. LOL A new Olympic sport!

  6. I love the maple leaf spatula. Cute!
    Rainy day in Dallas is so pretty. I love when it rains there, but doesn't flood.
    A friendship with chocolate is bittersweet, eh? Chocolate to me is like a friend that annoys you but you can't help but like them anyway.
    The coffee beans are cute. Reminds me of that one commercial.

  7. Oh that spatula is to die for :) I've never seen a maple leaf one before!

  8. Chocolate, I wish I could lose my love for it!

    Thank you for checking in, Anne...you're support meant a lot to me. I'm back and I'm here to stay. Hope to see you often. :)

    p.s. I'm not even Canadian and I love that spatula! Very cool

  9. I can see cooking hamburger meat and putting ketchup and mustard on it for the protein. I am just beginning to incorporate foods rich in folic acid and vitamin B12. I really like your glasses.

  10. Thanks for the award, Anne. I was so pleased to receive it!

  11. Ant Girl - Imagine, a utensil made just for spanking Canadians, eh?
    Sounds real good to me! (hehehe)

    MissyKanna - good analogy about friends and bittersweet chocolate!

    Bernie, Cinner - What? No Macy's in Canada? I didn't know that! Yikes!

    SpunkySuzi - I am glad you like it! Maybe Santa will get you one.

    Sunny - So glad you are back- Let's do this thang!

    TechnoBabe - The hamburger was pretty good.
    The glasses are shooting glasses.
    You know, the yellow kind that makes everything bright.
    Glad you like them.

    Beth - I am glad to pass the award on to people who pass along the Sunshine! I think 12ish is crazy - everyone who is reading this should post the Sunshine Award!

  12. As a chocolate lover myself ... welcome back to the club! :-)

  13. Harry/ JP
    Imagine me, tempting fate by re-introducing chocolate to my diet.
    Even Dr. Atkins himself said you can't stay in "induction" mode forever!
    This mix has less than 10 carbs.
    Not too shabby....

  14. lol I reach in the air and I can touch the ceiling! I would love to be able to do pull-ups at home but a) I would rip the architrave down and b) I'm really too tall, unless I tuck my legs up behind me!

  15. Great spatula! I get completely over-the-top addicted to chocolate, so this is the second year in a row I've taken a big chocolate-free break. I'm almost at the end of this year's: other than Valentine's Day, I skipped it for February. I don't think I could give it up for four years!!

  16. Cute flipper!

    I haven't had any chocolate, except tootsie rolls, does that count, in a long time.

  17. Cute indeed, Miss McButter Pants!
    Ix-nay on the Oc-lat-cha!
    (Is that right?)


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