03 February 2010

cute starter home

A room with a view...of the room!
Loaded with charm and potential!
Only February and already the best sale of the year!
How DO they do it?
No - the OTHER Big Tex!
The name says it all...

Always lease a "God Pleaser" at first...
That way, if you don't like it
you can take it back!
All this time, I thought it said RU Paul for president!
Capital idea!

Couldn't drink the Monster energy drink today...
Didn't really eat much today.
3 or 4 slices of ham,
1 little pkg of cheese.
1 pkg of cashews
1 Atkins bar.
bottle of h2o, coffee
2 hamburger patties late last night.
Guess I'm not hungry today.
Didn't plot against myself today!
First time that occurred spontaneously in a long time.
This just in:
I hope your day has more than a few moments of true happiness and joy.
Maybe even some peace.
Maybe stop feeding the bad wolf.
You know- the big, bad one.
He bites!


  1. Driving in the rain, drinking coffee.
    Listening to music.
    Qualifies as a good day!
    At least in part.
    The part where I didn't plot against myself!

  2. You should never plot against yourself. I've heard it's self destructive.

    I never knew that Big Tex has a twin. Who knew?

    I'm out of Rock Star. I could really go for a Monster or anything like that in the morning. I'm afraid I'll be settling for coffee. How gauche.

  3. Plots often lead to overthrows, thats when the trouble really begins. Glad you were kind to you today!

  4. Howdy Texas Gals!
    A lot of strange and wonderful things to see
    on a drive about town, innit it?
    And Wow! I didn't even take any Advil today!
    First time in about 5 months.
    Give or take a year.

  5. Love the lip sink! The surprise ending was the best part.

  6. Tena - So glad you liked it!
    I was stuck in construction traffic -
    so I just "flipped" out the Flip, and made a lip synch video...
    It's good to not hate the face that looks back at me from the mirror.

  7. I'm not much of a plotter. However I have been called plodder on many occasions. It's probably a good thing that I have a limited vocabulary, eh?

  8. Harry/JP
    Plot as I might, I was too poorly organized to finish the job.
    So I just "plodded" along, myself!
    So here I am.
    My own worst enemy.

  9. Aren't we all our own worst enemies? Plotting, or not, we get ourselves into all kinds of trouble.

    Love the Pain Management sign right next to the liquor store. Perfect!!

  10. Nah, Im not ok, I'm just having a good hair day...the rest of me is F--ked up.
    Can't stop eating...Im a mess.

  11. For a moment I thought you bought a new home, have a great day, and I thought it was Ru paul Too. Hugs.

  12. strangeCPA. LOL Ru Paul would definitely bring fabulousness into politics.

  13. Sunny ☼
    Sorry to hear that!
    And Ru Paul would have brought a little sumpin'sumpin' to the table.
    I'm just saying!

  14. The church sign is a crack up. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for the name brainstorming session on that one.

    Hope you're doing better.

  15. RU Paul - now that could be interesting. :-)


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