11 February 2010

a snow day

at the office park lake

The snow was so gentle today.
Like waking up in Narnia.

Monster w/protein
Salad w/Avocado
Hard-boiled egg
Hamburger patty
Water finally!
Coffee w/raspberry+chocolate sf syrup
6,000 steps @ work


  1. Pics can't duplicate the experience of being there.
    If you had seen the snow today, your heart would have broken -
    It was that beautiful.

  2. SpunkySuzi
    "Wish you were here!"

  3. Absolutely beautiful! :) We seem to be about the only place without snow. I can see it [on the mountains around me], but it's not at my feet or on the roads.

  4. Even as I type this, it is still coming down...
    Like a slow-motion, magic something or other...
    Like a blanket of loveliness...

  5. Anne, how lovely was that, and yes it did remind me of Narnia, I loved that movie, your getting pretty good with the video cam. I loved this one today. Guess what I was doing at 6.30, exercising...I should have told you to sit down first, hopefully your at your puter. Today I felt the best in a long long time, you made me smile with your footsteps, I thought we were going to get an Anne moment....I think there needs to be more of those in all our lives, you rock!

  6. A good day is a smilin' day, eh?
    I do think I saw some Canada Goose Things, in the water...
    And I was thinking about YOU, Cinner,
    and all the Canadian Blogger People..
    Hoping they are having a good day...
    WE might as well be in Canada today!
    PS... YOU rock!

  7. Love the Winter Wonderland pics and the shots with you and that beautiful pony, eh, doggie. That's a big fella indeed!

  8. JP- about my new puppy-love
    To quote Olive Oyl (from the movie Popeye)
    He's large, and he's mine!
    (Not really mine per se - he's a "time*share" dog!)
    "Time*share" meaning that we share time....

  9. The pictures ARE beautiful-- which is how I prefer my snow-- in pictures :-)

    Be careful driving in that stuff!



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