18 February 2010

big city recreational

2 treadmills are better than 1
twice the work*out
picture*perfect day in Dallas, Texas
of course, my heart went out to the bird with the broken wing...
party like a .... SF Rock*Star
No Vintage SF Monster to be found :(

recreational = re + create!
Finally got 12 hours rest vs sleep last night
Read as: I slept way past 3 am!
Rock*Star w/ protein *yum*yum*ya'll!
Atkins bar
Water, water (most places, not everywhere, per se)
Coffee, poached eggs
Deli meat w/cream cheese roll*ups
1 snack-pack of pistachios

A day off - catch*up, dishes, laundry, napping, tv, blogging. 
The mundane things in a regular life.
Once all the glitter falls off, you still have to pick it up off the floor!

Thanks for all your kind words about my size 12 pants.
Sometimes, the "fancy-pants" places have a different sizing system.
I never thought I would be wearing a 12.
But in the "end," Spandex doesn't lie!
(for better or worse!)


  1. Most of these pics were taken with my trusty little cell phone camera...
    Not too shabby - once I learned how it works!
    That could be said about many things.

  2. I love the "two treadmills are better than one" picture.. funny!
    Looks like you had a good day today, yeah? Congrats on the size 12's, by the way!

  3. love the pics and congrats on the 12s!

  4. Missykanna Thanks, and yes! I've had a few good days lately.
    At least it didn't feel like plodding along, or plotting my own demise.

    Trish Thanks...the pics help "speak" for me when I can't find the words.

  5. If having 2 treadmills eally burned twice the calories.... I buy three :-)

    It's looking like a gorgeous day in your neighborhood Anne. Rain's the the way here Friday night.

    Glad you got some god rest.


  6. JJ - Actually, I did exactly that! (r/t the resting)
    About the running, I would run it for you, if you asked!
    But only on one at a time, right?

  7. "... the pics help 'speak' for me when I can't find the words."

    So very true! From Wikipedia:

    "... the sentiment has been expressed by earlier writers. For example the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev wrote (in Fathers and Sons in 1862), 'A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound.'

    The quote is sometimes attributed to emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who said 'Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu'un long discours,' or 'A good sketch is better than a long speech'."

  8. Hi Anonymous -
    Sometimes I have the words.
    They just can't come out.

  9. I love catch up days. Wish we could have more of them. They'd be put to good use to be sure!

    Great pics as always, Anne! I was recently talking to a fellow who told me how he was visually documenting some of the more interesting parts of his life in order to eventually share them with his son ... long story but he doesn't get to see his 6 year old boy much. The visual medium is very powerful indeed. Your combination of snap shots and description is fun to follow and successfully imparts the warmth that's within you. Awesome! :-)

  10. Wow, for a big city that recreational center is mighty empty.

    LOL Love you with the coke machine and no Monster in it. Great.

  11. congrats on the weight loss...that is awesome...and watched the vid ont eh most recent post as well...lol. nice lip synching...cinner sent me.


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