27 February 2010

judgement day

I was asked to be on a panel of judges for a contest.
It was held at a local high school health magnet.

Kids from all around had a three-day event where they are critiqued on their medical skillz.
Taking vital signs, dressing changes, donning sterile gloves, gown and mask.
That kind of thing.
I got to sit at a table and be all "American Idol."
(Not to worry - I was very nice!)

It was so cute, because each kid was really trying, and really nervous.
Some of them were in tears. Some, their hands were shaking. Cold sweat.
It's hard to perform under pressure!

Then, they fed the judges. All carbs.
I knew it was coming, so I was prepared.

Monster w/protein before I left.
Once there, I had a salad - no croutons.
And even some lasagna but not the noodle part.
There was plenty of ooie-gooie filling.

Classes are big in these mega-schools.
500 - 700 kids in each freshman, sophomore, junior and senior class.
We got to wait in the teacher's lounge. Now-a-days they put cops in there, too.

This chart was up in the "home economics" room.
I don't think they call it that any more. 
Just if you are old.  Like me!  :D

Fat Content Comparison of Food * Choices

one donut vs a basket of oranges
one potato chip vs a plate of carrots
two french fries vs two baked potatoes
half a candy bar vs how many red vines - licorice

Monster w/protein
Creatine, water, 
Coffee w/sf hot chocolate
Egg w/cheese
Beef & cabbage 
w/sesame oil, tamari, rice wine vinegar
& cashews for garnish
6,000 steps @ work, plus work-out @ home


  1. The beef and cabbage is a steady favourite.
    As is the coffee with sugar-free hot chocolate.
    A whopping 9 carbs for that!
    No Atkins bar today.

    Are ya'll having a good weekend?

  2. - Good grief - that chart is INSANE!! I wonder if it's accurate.
    - The kids sound so cute. Awwww!
    - Good for you for NOT eating the noodles! I imagine that I would chow the whole thing down as it there's no tomorrow.

  3. My darling nephew is taking down my Christmas today, so it's a productive weekend!

  4. Wow!
    That's a good thing then, Anonymous!
    Busy times, eh?

  5. Anne, I love cabbage and beef and I think you are eating so healthy....wish I could be half as disciplined as you are. My weekend is going great thank you........:-) Hugs

  6. I'll take the one potato chip over 1000 carrots any day! Sorry.

  7. Lin -I know, right! I am not a carrot fan.

    Bernie - Thanks for the compliment - Glad you are doing well!

  8. You look like you were having a lot of fun!
    I thought you were stalking me today, i was in the middle of the woods not a soul in site and there on the top of the snow was an empty can of a monster drink :) Are you sure you weren't there?? lol

  9. I get that a lot, SpunkySuzi -
    Mostly from Canadians, and mostly in the middle of the woods.
    Must be all those images of spanking them with maple-shaped spatulas!

    If it was Regular Monster Drink, then - no.
    If it was LoCarb Monster Drink, then - maybe
    ...but only if that was you with the little red riding hood on,
    and the basket of goodies.
    The better to see you with, my dear!

  10. the chart is pretty cool and speaks their language...and mine as well. smiles.

  11. Sounds fab, although I think you should have been just a little Simon Cowelish ;0)

  12. Sounds like a lot of fun! Minus the carbs of course! :)

  13. I loved your response to SpunkSuzi - spanking with spatulas eh ? :)
    I'm still giggling.

  14. Sandra - some one said that on yesterday's comments!
    I was just going along for the fun....
    No Canadians were hurt, or spanked in the making of this blog.
    Or stalked, or bitten - only ♡!


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