06 February 2010

a good day for a salad

double click any pic to enlarge

Monster drink w/protein
Little breakfast sausages for breakfast
Salad w/berries, pine nuts, cheese, dressings
Avocado. Atkins bar.
2x coffee, black. And water, lots today!
Working all weekend.
Treadmill x 30 minutes. 5,000 + steps today.
Tired a wee little bit today. But generally feeling better!
A little less "feeling of impending doom" today.


  1. Such a lovely salad! Very cheery-looking, if food can be so. Makes me think that Spring is really on its way.

  2. Yes, Anon, it does look cheery! Thanks for noticing.
    And I am ready for Spring, too.
    This "Dark Night Of The Soul" passage of my life is all but too much!

  3. Monster and protein. Hard to beat. Still haven't worked up the nerve to mix protein and Rock Star.

    The salad looks good enough to eat!

  4. Miss Kelly -
    Would I lie to a fellow Texan?
    Yummy, baby!

  5. Great pictures, thank you for sharing. The fruit and salad are very appealing. Makes me want to eat berries!

  6. Yummee! I could eat that salad right up.

    I mixed some protein in my Rock Star. It was pretty good ;)

  7. I had the best salad in the world while on vacation recently.
    They called it a "Bohemian Salad."
    I use it as a pattern to make all of my salads, now.

    Now, I want to try Rock Star!
    It's the only energy drink I haven't tried.

  8. Dark Night of the Soul by Loreena McKennitt



  9. Hey, Glad the day ended up feeling better.

    You make a gorgeous salad! It looks like it could be in a magazine.

    Keep feeling better.

  10. Sorry mistyped on the original post ...

    That's a beautiful looking salad! Good on you for finding time to exercise even during this intensive work schedule. Inspiring!

  11. Every little bit helps on the treadmill, eh!
    And thanks about the pics. I have a little FujiFilm Fine Pix Z. Nothing fancy - it just takes really good pics!
    I watched AI (the movie) today....very good film....And I feel a little more "Atoned for" these days.

  12. Anonymous - thanks for the Loreena links. I really love me some Loreena!
    The Dark Night Of The Soul metaphor is very apt for me these days.
    But, all in all, I am getting a wee bit better, bit by bit.


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