13 February 2010

sweet valentine's day

eat your heart out, sweetie!

don't try this backwards - she won't like it!
heart's in the right place

lonely heart's club

add a cuppa kisses

the real scoop?

it's the story
of a lovely salad
poultry in motion
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Monster w/protein
Atkin's bar
a few bites of salad
coffee, and water
Reggeaton on iTunes
Got over my bad mood without getting angst!
Worked out instead. 4,000 steps @ work.
It's never, ever, ever too late.
Really? Yes, really.
*and no candy for me!*


  1. Got a pull-up bar. The kind that goes over the door.
    Trying to get a little stronger.
    Slow-going there! But a very, very good stretch!

  2. I've seen those pull up bars. Every time I pick them up I get this horrible mental picture of the wood on the door breaking and me falling into a twisted pile on the floor. Let me know how yours works out.

    Got my Monster on today. Very nice. VERY sweet. I feel like a Monster. Also got a bottle of Bawls to try. The name got me.

    Happy Valentine's Day. ((HUGS))

  3. I want to go out right now and get me some, too!
    I'm only 5'2" so I can't really do a proper chin*up YET.
    But, before the Army, I couldn't do a proper push*up, either!
    Monster is a good thing, eh?

  4. LOL story of a lovely salad ... poultry in motion ... great wit, Anne! And such creativity with the kisses! Happy Valentines.

  5. For Valentine's Day...


    Thanks for keeping us 'engaged' Anne!

  6. AntGirl - coming from you, that's quite the compliment.
    Anonymous - good video. He said "zed!" -hehe
    My "real life" friends and some co-workers
    actually think I am Canadian. Go figure, eh?

  7. What a fantastic looking salad, Anne! You're perfecting the art of salad making! If there was such a thing as a salad designer, you'd be on the top of the list.

    Happy V-day to you and your many site admirers!

  8. Anne, awesome salad, can't believe you did not eat all those kisses, your will power is extraordinary, as for the chinup bar, I still would be pulling down my house, does standing on a chair count. lol. guess who else is five feet two, maybe we are twins and you are a Canadian...just saying. have a great day, know you are loved. Hugs.

  9. Thanks, ya'll !
    Ya know, "salad" is "Dallas" spelled backwards.
    Well, almost!
    Cinner, you know we are twins, in many ways.
    And I am Canadian, in many ways.
    Although these days, it would be more like "Soy Canadiense!"
    ...Just sayin'...

  10. Hey Anne-- I'm a chocolate addict-- Your pics are very tempting!

    And for the record, I have never, ever done a chin up in my life and I'm pretty sure I never will. But I'm cheering you on!


  11. JJ - One of the kindest bloggers in Blogland!
    Just for the record, I haven't done one yet, either!
    But nothing can stop me from trying!


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