02 February 2010

ground hog day

"The Day Speaks" now for sure.
Got my driving job back for a while...love all the places it takes me!

The door to my new apartment was ajar. 
I went in with a flashlight to peek at the progress.
It still hasn't been made*ready. 

Ground Hog Day, indeed!
No shadows today?

This just in:
Rain today, and lots of driving -
Thanks for all of your concerned comments and kind words lately...
I am trying to be quote*unquote positive.
Trying. Quote, unquote!
Colon D


  1. Love those photographs! Lookit all those birds! There really is a Groundhog Day? I thought was just a movie!

  2. PS: what is that giraffe doing there? He's a long way from home!

  3. Miss Judith - what a keen eye you have!
    That giraffe is the Dallas Zoo mascot - he's a bronze statue - one of the tallest in Texas!
    And YES! There really IS a Ground hog day! Today!!

  4. Beautiful photos, Anne!

    Another enjoyable trip!

  5. Why yes, Jack, it is!
    Tastes just like chicken.
    I could think of one thing I would rather be eating.....

    Thanks JP for your kind words.
    I am in a good spot (at work) to see alot of wonderful things
    I might never get a change to see otherwise!
    So I drive by and .....

  6. We need to send Jack a "Roadkill" recipe book. :)

  7. tastes just like chicken--lmao!

    I didn't even realize it was groundhog day until we turned the tv on tonight for a bit, and what did we watch? Groundhog Day. lol

    Great photos.

  8. Rachel - haha!
    Jo - about Groundhog Day - didn't you just say that?

  9. I refuse to let a land beaver predict my weather. More winter, indeed. I'm so ready for summer so I can complain about the heat!

  10. The day speaks beautifully in your pics.

  11. Kelly - amen to that!
    Is it hot in here *or is it just me?*
    AntGirl - thanks!
    The world presents itself to me in such a way, that it almost
    begs to be shared!
    Or maybe that's me!

  12. Have i told you lately how much i love your pictures?? And your sense of humour!!

  13. And I, yours, SpunkySuzi!
    Thanks for all of your nice comments, and kind words.

  14. I could swear I left a comment for you earlier...I loved the blog/pix etc...you are a fun one, Anne *hugs*

  15. Hi Anne, I'm just catching up. Is that a giraffe???



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