16 February 2010

my heavy friend

Ran into a Nurse who hasn't seen me in a while -
maybe a year - although we have talked on the phone.
She asked about "my heavy friend
who usually does the visits."
After a while I caught on - 
She was talking about me!
These are size large scrubs and are way too big.
Now I really don't wear a 2x anymore!
Buffalo and country side...
...to shopping at the Galleria...
I walked around - got in some steps
7,600 + for the day just at work!

talk to the hand!
a little shopping music at Nordstrom's

Monster w/protein
and blue can Rock Star
too much, and not enough!
Atkins bar, beef w/cabbage
Water, coffee, Advil, Sudafed

Turning into a gym rat, or maybe just a mouse...
Working out keeps me busy physically
and gives me something to practice mentally.

Push-ups, crunches, calisthenics, treadmill
Still can't do a full chin-up...
The good news is it's only one chin!


  1. This was actually written last night.
    But something went wrong
    Lost the online connection
    Something metaphysical, perhaps?
    Called TWC all evening. No help at all.
    Worked on it all night. Nothing!
    Found a reset button - viola!
    .....Something metaphysical, perhaps?

  2. Only one chin!!!! I am so jealous. I can't do a full chin up, but I can dangle from the bar like a champ.

  3. And I can dangle from the bar ....like a chimp!
    Or a chump.... Depends on who you ask!

  4. Love th pics. I'm guessing that's the Dallas/Ft Worth Galleria? Houston has one that I haven't visited in years.

    Still can't do a chin up either. Guess it might help if I actually TRIED to do one.

    Monster AND Rock Star?! That's some serious caffeine right there! Now you need to chase it with some Red Bull. :)

  5. Nope -
    I ch-ch-chased it with.... gg-g-guarana....
    s-s-some.... s-s-suda-f-f-fed....
    Don't try this at home - I'm a highly trained professional!

  6. Question is - who is chasing whom?

  7. Wow about the friend thing. I would have frozen with that comment.

    Cool galleria! I'd love to go there!

    I always think of you and Kelly when I see Rock Star at the store. Every time. lol So you go shopping with me. lol

    One chin--someday I'll have one chin, too!

  8. Jo - many of my blog friends I take with me -
    shopping, walking, yikkity-yakking all over town.
    But mostly in my heart.
    ....So that's what my friend meant
    when she called me Monster!

  9. But... what HAVE you done with your heavy friend? Where is she? Is she waiting in your closet, ready to spring out, or did you send her packing to Greenland? The moon? A galaxy far, far away?

  10. "The good news is it's only one chin!" You gotta love that!!!! And the comment from the Nurse-- WOW! I think it's time for some skinny jeans my friend!

    Is California still on the calendar and how are plans for your moving coming along?

    Have a great day.

  11. Look at you looking all tiny and svelte! Way to go, Anne! I'm proud of ya.

    I got my hair cut when I got to one chin. I figured might as well show it off. But, you've already got nice short hair to show off your face. :)

  12. The good news its only one chin, words to live by. i agree with Joanna, some skinny jeans, maybe a party cause your doing so so well. I t has to be a good feeling when they don't even recognize you. i REALLY Am proud of you. Take care.

  13. Dearly Beloveds-
    The heavy one?
    I guess she died - she was only a zombie anyway...
    *Which really explains a lot!*
    She already lived in a galaxy far, far away.
    Or on the moon.
    A particle wave? Black hole?

    O, Heavy Friend - we barely knew ye!
    Rest in Peace.
    Perhaps I should write an obituary for her...

    She died unloved, rejected, in filth and squalor.
    A whore to the metaphysical, a slave to the physical,
    choking on her own conflicted, rigid (yet unsupportable) belief system.
    Thanks - It was a "mercy killing."

    Now - where are those skinny jeans? And a party!
    All zombies welcome to attend.

  14. Sometimes compliments can take the most unusual form! Congratulations on being unrecognisable! lol

  15. You take pictures of the most interesting things!! And you're definitely no chump :)
    From a 24 to a 12?? Absolutely freaking awesome!

  16. Thanks SS
    I got kicked out of the Coach Handbag Store
    for trying to take a pic of a Poppy Purse.
    The bastids asked me to leave. And shook their heads.
    And pointed to the door. Not "hoity-toidy" enough for them, eh?

    I was before never in a size 12.
    It's probably scaled differently for effect.
    Even in the Army, I was a size 16.
    All muskle, don't 'cha know?


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