17 February 2010

lu*lu*lemon size 12

lu*lu*lemon athletica @ NorthPark Mall
in Dallas Texas
from a 24 to a size 12 for me
since March '09

he, she, or it has the right idea
apple store 

Monster energy drink w/protein
Atkins bar
Coffee, water,
Grilled fish w/malt vinegar
Salad w/peanuts
7, 500 steps - no work-out

a smile


  1. The pants are wonderful -
    My reward to myself for one year of LowCarb (next month)
    Made with loun for extra wicking ability....
    Even the shopping bag was cool!

  2. Good for you!!

    You give me hope Anne! Nice pics as usual especially the turtle :-)

  3. woohoo! Congrats on a size 12. Awesome.
    Love to see ya smile. And thanks for the trip to the mall.

  4. The malls here in Dallas are great places to take a lunch-time walk.
    No weather problems....hot or cold.
    The size 12 is great for me, because these are women's pants!
    And fit like leggings.
    And I didn't get asked if they were a gift for someone else.
    I didn't get told they didn't carry my size.
    I didn't turn invisible when I walked into the store.
    I got myself something nice!

  5. Anne, this is so exciting, I am so proud of you. your last comment is something I have felt going into stores. You give me hope, I am a size 24, I am down from a 26, but it is a start....take care Anne, you will never be invisible.

  6. It truly is such a joyous feeling to be able to shop without wishing the floor would just open and swallow you up! I've been on both sides of that fence (unfortunately on the not-so-good side now), and I distinctly recall one salesperson who actually came up to me, not to ask if I needed assistance, but to tell me that there was nothing in the store that would fit me. Can't a person dream?? So, thank you Anne, for letting me experience the joy again, albeit vicariously:-)

  7. Yes, Anonymous & Cinner
    I knew this day would come.
    I just didn't know it would be today!
    How often do ya get to say those words in a good context?
    And mean them, eh?

    I just went to the store (one of my patients told me about it)
    And went in, and wow!
    Felt like the right thing to do.
    Still haven't taken the pants off yet!
    And a 12 wasn't even the largest size.
    Could have gone one size smaller...
    Maybe in a few months....

  8. That is so awesome about the size 12's!! And I enjoyed the pictures too :)

  9. YEAH YOU!!!! What an awesome accomplishment! I take my hat off to you.
    Keep up the great job!

  10. I'm stunned at what you've achieved in less than a year! The thought of getting my legs into a pair of size 12s fills me with delight and trepidation in equal measure! :o)

  11. awesome progress, awesome pics, awesome turtle, awesome Apple store and of course, awesome smile! :)

  12. Thanks, all ya'll!
    My new scrubs are a medium - down from 2x - btw.
    And the smile was actually sincere....if only for a moment!
    Awesome, eh?

  13. Awesome, indeed!! What a lovely way to reward yourself for a successful year!! SIZE 12's!! Hurray!

  14. Love the pics Anne, I'm feeling like I've been to the mall. And size 12 - that's great. I love Lulu lemon stuff - I want to get some outfits for my Yoga classes but everything is so expensive in there.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today. Yes, I do need to redirect :)

  15. Sandra - dang skippy on the price - but hey!
    Sloppy seconds from WalMart is hardly "fitting" for a celebration!
    It's my luxury treat for this year's efforts.

  16. SIZE 12! You ROCK!

    Love the pics of the mall. I feel like I've been there, but didn't spend any money! That rarely happens at the mall.

    April is coming pretty quick. It's April right when you are coming through Arizona??

  17. Excellent! Woot wooot! Let's celebrate your victory. Jumping up and down also burns calories. :D

    Get yourself all cute and stylish, a just reward for the hard work.

  18. Size 12! Wow. Nice going, Anne. I have come down from size 24 pants to 18 (a wee bit tight) / 20 (a wee bit loose.) 12 is still an impossible dream ... but maybe one day! Congratulations.


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