24 February 2010

another happy day

Monster w/protein for breakfast
Coffee, water, Creatine,
Eggs and sausage for dinner
Chipolte sauce on da eggs, cheese
Coffee w/ sugar-free hot chocolate
5,000 steps and all the workout stuff
Still can't do a proper chin-up
Happy day today - it must have stuck!


  1. And an Atkins Bar!
    Don't forget the Atkins Bar!

  2. Chin-ups are the work of the devil. Don't feel bad. I can't do an anything-up.

  3. Mmmm that egg! And cheese! I love both so so much.

  4. Keep your chin up about those chin-ups!

    Hope the smiles stay for a while.

  5. You look totally happy :) love it!!

  6. Thanks, ya'll!
    I AM totally happy!
    My situation didn't change, but my understanding of it DID.
    I have a pimple - one of only about 5 in my life.
    And even THAT didn't phaze me!

    The chin-ups .... rather, just hanging from the bar ...
    That movement is making my back stronger...
    I stand up much straighter - even a few inches taller!

  7. You look great and your dinner looks so good.
    So glad you had such a great day....:-) Hugs

  8. Ha! What a great first shot ... cemetery donuts. Bam! :-)

    Good to see you smiling, Anne! I promise you that your smile brings about many other smiles in people around you. Count on it.

    Happy days you say? To that I say, Buddy Holly!


  9. JP & Bernie
    Thanks - I can't say that the smile is here to stay.
    But the reason for the smile is here to stay!
    And I still got nothin' but love!

  10. What irony, that cemetery and Donut sign together. Now that is visual poetry.

    Yippee that it's a happy day. You look happy. The grace and lines in that sculpture are amazing. Reminds me I haven't been to an art museum in ages. I guess one drawback to life in a small town. I gots the internets though. :)

  11. Love that top photo. Hugs from me to you :)


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