05 February 2010

love and sprockets

While driving around, I saw a pile of trash,
and a building tagged with graffiti.
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to Love
and be loved in return."
The new Texas state bird - the Crane
Believed to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity
The new Texas state animal - the Cat

Also thought to bring revitalization and progress to the ingenious 
Wholesale Forklifts
(And me, without my checkbook!)
The New Forklift
(Coming soon to a mouth near you!)

Thanks for all your comments about my looking "cute."
I only returned to blogging for one single reason.
If I didn't show my face here,
I knew I would never be able to show it anywhere else, ever again.
I had started to believe I was not good enough, cute enough
*fill-in-the-blank* enough for any person.
I am starting to not hate my own reflection.
I still haven't gone back to work (full time at my regular job) after 5 months.
I am just now starting to have good days again!
Although nothing in "real life" has changed.
I'm actually ready to collapse.
This just in:
Almost forgot.
Today I had another whack day of not eating - too busy.
8,000+ steps at work, no treadmill. 
12 hours driving, and for food -
Monster w/protein,
2 little pkgs of cheese
2 little pkgs peanuts
(snack-pack sizes.)
QuikTrip sausage hot dog without the bun, 
in the truck at a traffic light.
Late night half an Avocado.
No coffee, not enough water
Advil day for sure.
Advil and Sudafed.


  1. This is why I shouldn't post when I am tired...
    People get tired of hearing about the struggling side
    But it's about the only side I've got.
    For now!
    This is me, faking it!

  2. The person carrying a heavy burden always finds something else to add.(Nande)

    You are doing the very best you can at this time; give yourself permission to unload your sack of rocks and collapse, dear anne h.

  3. Hearing about 'the struggling side' makes me feel that I'm not the only one struggling.
    Which is really good to hear sometimes.

  4. Dear Anonymous -Thanks!
    I have a couple of Nurse friends in "real life who think I don't eat enough while at my driving job. Then at the end of the day, I end up crying like a high-school girl because I miss someone so much.
    That "emotional upheaval" stuff usually only happens when I don't have time to eat well at work. Or drink enough water.
    Or let go of my "sack of rocks."

  5. Anne it is okay to cry like a high-school girl,,,maybe your not eating enough....and you know the struggling side is okay, did you see my post the other day...oh yeah struggling, then you throw pms in there and well lets just say I should not write when I am tired too. Big hug, Anne, it is okay to slow down if you need too. take care.

  6. Hugs to you Anne and it is ok to cry. Look after yourself, you are worth it. PS: great photos as ever, I love the graffiti. (What song is that...?)

  7. When you want to check your "cute" factor, just look at that awesome singing video you did. Talk about cute AND happy!!! Heck I still watch it to feel better some days-- I'm not kidding either.

    So hang in there and keep moving forward. Baby steps are okay.

    When you come to California you'll find that the big orange cone on highways is our new state flower :-)

    Enjoy your weekend. It's pouring rain here today.

  8. You are a Fantastic Blogger! :o) Never be afraid to show the struggle...you never know who it will speak to or help. I find the times I struggle the most I don't reach out and blogging helps relieve the internal agonizing I do about many things in life. And don't be afraid to hide your face! Your pics are superb. It is very often I wish I could do anything but smile in photos and be satisfied with it. Be proud that you embrace the candid in life...not too many people can do this.

  9. JustaGirl - thanks for your kind words...
    I look back now and smile....
    Those times were so freaking hard for me,
    I am not sure how I made it through.
    Except for blogging, and the kind support I get here!


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