21 February 2010

no hash

corned beef - never had it before...

lettuce - not from a bag

super oven mitts
drinking water all day long

Monster w/protein
corned beef - too salty
didn't eat it
salad w/catalina dressing
atkins bar
coffee w/sf hot chocolate 
rock star in the blue can
off to bed at 4pm...
somebody wake me up when it's over, please
(and tell me it was all just a bad dream)


  1. I cooked the corned beef.
    I try to cook one new dish every week.
    New to me, at least.
    *As much to make as it is to eat!*

  2. How'd ya cook the beef? It really is a bad dream.

  3. The corned beef looks way better in your picture than it does coming out of a can lol

  4. SheZug - the corned beef or the dream?
    400〫oven, 2½ hours covered, then ½ hour uncovered.
    Cooked in a Wolf oven - professional grade
    Used a thermometer... everyone else LOVED it...
    Fed mine to Frick and Frack.
    Too vexed to eat at all right now.

  5. That's what i need, new oven mitts :)
    I've got to admit that corned beef is not really my thing!!

  6. Oven mitts? I thought those were sock puppets! :-)

    I hope tomorrow brings about better spirits for you, Anne. I'd send some over if I knew where the heck I put them.

  7. JP - It's good to know you have my back...
    SS - thanks!
    Oven mitts make good puppets @ 600〫for 15 minutes, or until done!

  8. Yum, corned beef! My grandma used to make the best corned beef--- I'll have to look around for her recipe. Now I'm craving it.

    Bed at 4pm!?!?!?

    Hope your week is good.

  9. Yes, JJ
    Beige..... definitely going to paint that ceiling beige!
    {looking up to bedroom ceiling for hours at a time...}

    Just laid there, as usual, so I got back up....
    Maybe try to get somethings done...

  10. What ya doing up, what am I doing up...not a fan of corned beef my friend....good for you for the water. I did great today with it. It was so beautiful I missed my rest this afternoon, so now I am overtired and can't sleep.....jeepers. Do you get insomnia often. take care.

  11. Hiya, Cinner - insomnia ?
    Not often, just when I worry myself into oblivion
    over the one thing in the Universe that I can't change.
    But actually, I get up at 3 am to go to work.
    Crazy, innit?

  12. If I wasn't already a veggie, corned beef would be enough to turn me! I won't risk grossing you out, but it reminds me of something rather unsavoury! lol

  13. As a Vegan myself for many years, and a Vegetarian for many more,
    I say again, I did not eat this, Patsy!
    Not my cup o' tea!

  14. Good for you! Corned beef is good stuff. Haven't had any in ages. It's probably in all the stores now. Huh? :)

    I've been enjoying lettuce not from a bag, too.


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