09 February 2010

don't eat the cobb salad at sara's picnic

I couldn't make this up if I tried...
...dill -pickle- dough?
...stir-fry veggies?
...poo-poo platter?
...ads gone wild?
So THAT's what she meant when she went to "veg out"
I'm just sayin'....
Let's hope he doesn't...
Heavy rains lately, eh?

"It's OK!  I'm having water with my donut!"
My late night visitor has returned...
Frick trying to get in with Frack just around the corner.
...still to shy to get let out of the bag....
(As in who let the cat out of the bag!)

Monster w/protein
At least I'm consistant.
Boring, but consistant.
Atkins bar.
Way too many dry roasted peanuts.
The kind in a glass jar.
I do better when they are in little packets.
Better portion control.
Salad w/Avocado
No coffee again today.
5,000 steps by noon. 
Fell asleep in my scrubs on the couch right when I got home!


  1. Took a "cat nap" before going to bed...
    Cold out there - stay warm tonight

  2. "It's OK! I'm having water with my donut!" HA!!!!

    I wonder which marketing whiz came up with store name!

    Take care,

  3. Too funny! That's one scary pickle!

  4. Anne, you are a funny girl and I mean that in a good way. take care. think of you often.

  5. The first pic, the one of the billboard, has gained national notoriety.
    As in notorious! I almost fell out driving when I saw it.
    All KINDS of things you see when you drive around all day!

  6. Oh yeah, water makes it all better. Kinda like the Giant Burger platter with a Diet Coke.

  7. That sign cracks me up!!! Stop vegetable abuse? What if it's a consenting veggie? Just sayin.

    Donuts and water. What a concept! And is it gorumet water or are only the donuts gourmet? I'm confused.

  8. A consenting veggie - yes - that's it....
    Poke weed?

  9. Those are wonderful. Putting eyes on that cucumber looks pretty abusive. Makes no sense either. So, is there a PETV? Or would it be VETA?

    I adore the gourmet donuts & water. That made me laugh. And couple 19 exit here. LOL


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