06 January 2010

casual day

Breakfast as usual -
        Coffee with Protein and
DaVinci sf Syrup
❀almost forgot❀
lunch: Monster Energy Drink w/protein powder
lots o' coffee all day
not too much H20, but that's ok

Took the truck in for Preventive Maintenance.
I am religious about it for the truck,
I am a slacker about it for myself,
but I am getting better! 
Getting rid of this
(spare tire)
Keep the one on the truck. Get rid of mines.
No walking Yesterday. Day Off!
Lots of steps at work the day before, though.
The time is 10:23 pm/2223
The steps 7255
The machine automatically resets every night at midnight!

I am fighting a compulsion to move far away.
Must be a reaction-formation. Or a metaphor for starting over.
(I'd go with reaction-formation, to be sure.)

I love Captain Hollywood. I've listened to the album
"Love Is Not Sex"
all the time for nearly 15 years now.

♪♫"....Somewhere, don't care, anywhere - 
just get me the hell out of here...."♫♪♫
"All I want" by Captain Hollywood Project
Part of me is changing with this weight loss. 
I understand why people "act out."
I feel like I am losing a person
There's only room inside for one.
(One un-conflicted self.)


  1. I live in texas too anne, maybe your desire to move is simply because california is just more fun. now you've got the health to really enjoy life. shedding the skin on many levels is scary, but good. i know you'll make the right decision!

  2. Rachel - what could be more fun than Texas?
    It's a whole 'nother country! :)
    I think also the desire to move is not so much to escape,
    as it is a metaphor for change.

  3. A metaphorical change is much easier than a real one, believe me. I'd trade places with you right now!! Texas sounds pretty warm comparitively speaking. :0 Hang in there, kiddo.

  4. God, do I hear you!

    Glad you found our blog...Glad I found yours too, welcome! Keep on Trippin' ;)

  5. Anne, I have not lost much weight but feel that every year at this time of the year...so what did I usually do when I was well. I would paint my inside of my house..Nothing like a paint job to change the view, now I dye my hair...but yes somewhere far away where there are no hardships, you find it you let me know...there is always Canada....too cold for you?

  6. Texas is my home -
    I wanted to move somewhere else recently,
    but you know how that goes!
    I do want to move so freaking far
    away from here that even I can't find myself!
    Metaphorically speaking, that is..

    Hiya Sunny Girl....
    It's not always crying over here....just most recently!

    Cinner - O, Canada!
    I would love to live in Canada, now that you mentioned it.
    It is beautiful and nice - a little cold, though.
    A place with no hardships?
    I wonder if there is such a place, Toto.
    Perhaps somewhere, over the rainbow..♫♪♫

  7. Before I forget, I love how you group your pics :-)

    I get the metaphor and like "reaction-formation". I've wanted to get outta town before too but I always end up in my own living room-- mostly content.

    Wishing the same for you.

  8. Nice Blog Anne... and thanks for visiting our blog as well. Congratulations on your loss thus far.... from one looser to another.. we really know what it takes to get from there to here...! Be Proud!


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