25 January 2010

another funeral

The woman who died last week - her father died this week.
Three funerals in less than a year for this sweet family.
We're getting to know each other all over again.


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  1. Oh that poor family. How sad and tragic.

    PS Hope you're having a better day today. :)

  2. The cute little plate at the bottom is mines...
    A few berries - even on Low Carb!

  3. How sad for the family. It must be very difficult.

  4. Bom Dia - Muito obrigada!
    .... Portuguese for goodbye -(Brasil)
    Interesting resemblance to "ciao" and "tschuBe"

  5. That must be so very hard for the family!!

  6. In Hospice we say "Every day is a gift."
    It really, really is!

  7. I'm sorry for their loss and yours as well, Anne.

    The only positive thing I can think to say is that I'm sure their lives are/were made better because of your part in them.

    That looks like an excellent LC plate (and beverage, I might add). :-)

  8. three funerals in one year is encredibly tragic. im certain your presence in thier lives was a great help in such trying times.

    good sticking to healthy funeral fare :)

  9. Thanks, JP -
    Knowing this family started a cascade of events that I could never have predicted - "undreamed of changes"
    Going on vacation, getting stranded in a fluke snowstorm, starting LoCarb, losing 50+ pounds, starting this blog, meeting such wonderful blogging people whom I love...
    It started a little over one serendipitous year ago...
    YAY also on the LC plate!

  10. Rachel - All I can say is that I am SO GLAD
    it wasn't four funerals!
    I'll be thankful for that for the rest of my life,
    no matter what happens next!

  11. Every day is a gift, indeed. That's what I remind myself every morning when I wake up. Lovely photos, what healthy and good-looking food. I am impressed by your teensy LC plate!

  12. Judith - Truth be told, I had a couple more slices of cheese.
    But just a couple!
    I've already learned (the hard way) that cheating only cheats yourself!

  13. Wow, that's a lot of funerals for one family. My sister's childhood best friend lost both her parents in span of 3 months. Her brother died at 26 [her brother & I were friends as we were in the same class], so at 42 she is the last surviving member of her family. Luckily she has a husband and children of her own to comfort her.

    What beautiful, healthy looking food this family lays out.

  14. Thanks JJ!
    AntGirl - yes! They served quite a spread.
    The whole event took almost 4 hours,
    by the time I helped them carry stuff to their car.


  15. Oh Anne, that is so sad for the family, and yes every day is a gift. I know you touched their lives, I also am glad it was not four. I DON'T think I know your story of being in a snow storm?
    Big hugs to you, be strong.

  16. Thanks Cinner -
    The family saw these pics and said the shots were like Soul food! -
    Food for the Soul!
    About my "induction story." I went on vacation in March. Ended up getting stuck in a freaky late winter snow storm for like 2 weeks. When I came back, I had lost so much weight, my friends thought I had gone for liposuction instead of vacation!

  17. wow, what a rough time for that poor family...glad you are there for them.

  18. I'm glad too. In an interesting way, our lives were
    all changed by knowing each other. All for the better -
    How often can you say that - and mean it wholeheartedly!?

  19. Thank You so much for my award. I'm sorry I didn't thank you before now, but I've been cleaning and had to shut down the computer... then seem to have trouble with the wi-fi cutting in an out after setting up a temp work station.

    I've lost a couple friends in a span of a week last year... and a few years back a sister and both my folks in a span of a year. I can't say I understand it... it's flattened me in many ways. But I still come up with the fact that God is in charge. I don't understand it, but I don't understand infinity from my ant's perspective looking at the ocean of the universe. I figure if God can put so much beauty and design in simple flowers... somehow he has a wonderful design for the universe too. Sometimes from my perspective it's hard to see but I know it's there.

    At Foolsfitness we get our workouts pondering the design of the universe.- Alan

  20. Alan! Good to see you, no matter when!
    Your comment is just what I needed to hear.
    Thank you. God /The Universe Is Love!
    It's good to hear a reminder every now and then.
    Especially for the times we all get flattened - like you said.
    This metaphysical workout counts twice, right?
    I just used up all my brain's glycogen....


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