15 January 2010

driving and signs

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

They say that all good things must come to an end.

My wonderful driving job ended today. Again.
This time, I'm ok with it.
We had agreed mid-January, and so it is.

I know it is "just an expectation."
But it does suck to plan on one thing and get something else.
Like a job ending early. Or any kind of disappointment.

I know it happens all the time.
I know it is not always about me...
Blah, blah, blah...
Still sucks.

Monster drink with protein powder
2 slices of deli ham 
2 slices of deli cheese
coffee and water
not so much water

12 + hours sleep
Haven't had that happen since --
Since I can't remember when.

A day off - packing for when I move next month!
And it's raining here - which is nice.
Nice and cozy. 

"death by chocolate"
by sia
music video from YouTube


  1. No Platitudes from me. Just one word. SHIT!!! But I am sorry your driving job ended early.

  2. VRaz - It's all good!
    It was a nice, clean "break-up!"
    It all went according to schedule.
    No surprises - no drama -
    We are all still friends, and I can always go back
    when they need me again.
    It's good when it works out like that, yes?

  3. mayhap the door is closing so you won't miss the one that's about to open right around the corner. with your spirit of adventure and work ethic, and phenomenal change and growth over the last year, i just know this is a step in the right direction, no matter what direction you are taking!

  4. Rachel - that is a wonderful thing to say. Thank you.
    SS and KJ - I am moving so so far away from here,
    I won't even be able to find myself.
    I come home every night and run around my little apartment,
    looking for something that is not here.
    A geographical cure is a cheap ploy, yes...
    But I can't stay here, and I can't seem to fix it, so off I go!

  5. Goodfellow Withers! I like it. Good luck, wherever you're going.

  6. I want to move from the where "Sh!t Storm" and "Train Wreck" intersect.
    It seemed like such a wonderful neighborhood at the time!

  7. The street signs crack me up. and I love the neighborhood watch sign under them. :-))))

    12 hours of sleep. I don't even remember what that feels like.

    Enjoy the rain and the weekend!

  8. Hey there you, wishing you all the best,,,is it not funny how we see areas and then you wonder what was I thinking.. Glad you got some good sleep. I have been off for weeks, I foresee a change in medications. Take care , I love the rain, have a good weekend. Big hug.


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