20 January 2010


Thanks, AntGirl!
(click the link)

beautiful blogger award!

Seven things you might not know about me !
(that's how this award works out)
something you like or that makes you happy
  • I am re-learning my life skills (weight-loss is just one aspect)
  • ReLearning how to play nice and how to forgive (couldn't stand the pain)
  • I have alot to change (I know this!)
  • Alot to be happy for (I'm grateful in the happiest way!)
  • I can't count to siete (but we all knew that)
One award for the ladies from the other day - (Thanks again, SpunkySuzi!)
One award for the guys - AND/OR anyone who wants to join in the fun....
Awards are "silly" -yes- but they sure made my day.
I would never leave anyone out - on the outside looking in...everyone is welcome!
It really is a new start, and everyone is invited. Each name is a link - an HTML link, that is!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit
Roder - Waist the Waist
Alan - Fool's Fitness
Stephen - Who Ate My Blog?
Carlos - Your Gonna Need A Bigger boat
Steve - Log My Loss
Tony - The Pink Panda
Tony - The Anti-Jared
Sean Anderson
Low Carber
Don - Two Cousins
Harry/ JP
I already know that some of you already got this - 
It's the thought that counts, right?
Just thinkin' 'bout 'cha!
a little music video
Don Henley/Eagles "The Heart Of The Matter"
YouTube at it's best! 

The more I know, the less I understand
...a yearning undefined...
It's about forgiveness...
Really? Yes, really.


  1. Call me Ishmael-Aye Be Gar - but I'll be getting this HTML thingy.
    I stab at thee! From my keyboard, I stab at thee!
    Now it's off to Starbuck's!
    Coffee, that is...

  2. Thanks for keeping up with our posts. You're amazing, you've accomplished so much and you continue to inspire me. I'm back on plan today, teeth or no teeth...lol!!!

    I wish you a wonderful, satisfying day.

  3. aww thanks so much... i feel pretty, oh so pretty!!!

  4. Way to show some love for the menfolk.

    You rock, Anne!

  5. Yep! That's me -
    Nuttin' but ♥love♥ for the menfolk!
    Jack - YOU rock!

  6. Anne, what a wonderful song, I don't think I have heard it before, Enjoy your days off. Take care.

  7. Yes, and thank you - cleaning out the truck -which (no doubt) represents some vehicular part of my mind.....
    Turns out I am much better off alive! Easier to "drive" that way.

  8. Eagles, whata band! I gave up on html awhile back, even steve couldn't explain it to me. you have it down pat, anneh!!

  9. Aye Be Gar Ishmeal. lol

    Be sure to learn how to forgive yourself. That was probably the hardest one for me, but the most important in my growth. :)

  10. Ant Girl - Just like this Moby Dick reference -
    I have to walk away from my desires before they consume me!!
    Maybe "real" forgiveness - the kind that works - somehow extends from our own forgiveness of ourselves.
    "All doubt is self doubt." All forgiveness is Self-forgiveness.

  11. Danke, Anne! :-)

    Your blog and presence certainly brighten my days and those of many others as well.

    I remember that Don Henley song. Beautiful songwriting on that album, if I recall correctly. It's been awhile ...

  12. Thanks for the award Anne! By the way - I love The Eagles!

  13. You got it, guy! (South Beach Steve, that is)
    JP, It's all back to you!
    And Kelly, thanks for your support!
    Rachel - I dunno about this HTML...⟪it ain't easy!/⟫

  14. Anne, thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

    I'm also working constantly on "forgiveness." I am realizing I have so much anger from my childhood, but it feels good to get it out and then let it go. It's definitely a long process.

  15. Anne, thank you so much for the award. I can tell that we do have a lot in common :).

  16. Thank you very much my friend! I love your attitude and your blog! re-learning life skills and learning to forgive---you got me right there---it most defines my journey too. Again, thank you.

    My best always

  17. Yesterday was the first time (in months)
    I came home and didn't go right to the phone!
    So the forgiveness must have worked - on some level.
    It doesn't change the outcome - it just changes my response to it.

  18. The Eagles are the greatest. I was lucky enough to see them live at Staples Center a few years ago- Every single song was a hit.


  19. heya Annne :)
    Thanks for the award. I have been so busy..just saw it today!

  20. Never a problem, my Low Carb friend!
    You are busy!


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