10 January 2010

up town grrr

this "body" guy is checkin' out the nice lady!
depends on your angle

Monster Hitman little energy shots

low-carb pasta by the case

sugar-free hot chocolate/coffee

what's on tv

art on the street - rather, from the street
close up

around town near "UpTown"
not to be confused with Downtown

Loreena McKennitt
"In The Bleak Midwinter"
video from YouTube

Ah, the beauty of Winter...
I hope you are having a warm weekend.
I dreamed about blogging again -
and a couple of my fav bloggers!


  1. Those are some cool pictures. Loved the art building.

    Is that pasta any good? Were the ice pictures taken in Dallas as well? Brrrrrr!

  2. Love the building with the pictures on it!!
    So when is pasta night?? I need some time to get there :)

  3. Cool pics, Anne!

    We took the folks to see the Body exhibit a few years back ... but not the Venus Room. Not sure if they have one of those around here - at least not by that name. ;-)

    Hope your Sunday rocks!

  4. Low Carb Pasta - Imagine the "pasta-bilities...."
    It's not bad - I end up having it once a week, or so.

    Pasta Night - You are welcome here anytime!

  5. So many pasta-bilities. Love the art buildings. Were you dreaming about Canada or running from it. lol. take care.

  6. Cinner - How insightful you are!
    Of course I was dreaming about Canada!
    But only in my dreams.
    Too much energy drink, maybe?


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