28 January 2010

night trippin'

Scoring some pics in downtown Dallas...

As she MOOved through traffic,
I could have sworn Elsie was haunting me...
She's everywhere!

Stayed in bed most all day.
(I've never done this...)
Got up to have Monster energy drink
so as not to have caffeine withdrawals.
Florence Nightengale would have said
that is adding insult to injury.
And water. Suddenly I ca'rave water.
Not even You*Tube could save the day yesterday.

Ceptin' this:
A guy with 155 t*shirts on.
100 pounds of extra weight.
Check the side bar for info on the new iPad.
Due out soon.


  1. It gets "old" posting a "blue" post almost everyday.
    Someone told me the last time this happened
    that blogging was "good" as it kept me from becoming isolated.
    It's not all "puppies and kitties" yet, but at least I still have the
    where-with-all to show my face.
    If anyone cares to look.

  2. You take awesome pictures.
    I know what you mean about the blue posts. Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows all the time.

  3. My face and I thank you for your kind compliment, missykanna!


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