11 January 2010

united states of bacon and eggs

flying the flag

another cold day in hell

somewhere along the line,
I started to give a damn

Monster Energy Drink LoCarb
"BFC" 32 oz
w/2 scoops protein mix

chicken noodle soup with LC pasta,
(chopping) broccoli, red wine,
Toronto seasoning, soup base,


something good for a cold day

A cute YouTube Video


  1. mmmm....bacon! That soup looks SO good!! Is that pasta good? I have been wanting to try it.

  2. Thanks, Lorie!
    The soup is pretty good.
    The LowCarb pasta is made by Dreamfields.
    I bought a case of it from Netrition.
    Can't get it in the stores around here - yet.

  3. Wow Anne you have definitely stepped up to the plate :)
    You're doing well and i know that returning to blogging is great for you!!
    Love to see your posts again.

  4. Love the bacon flag. You tricky girl.

    Clever ( as always ) post!

  5. Looks very tasty!! Is that a positive number I see on the thermometer? I'm hoping to see that same thing this week.

    So glad you're back posting again.

  6. You are a one-of-a-kind, Anne.

    In a good way...

  7. So I figure you have done the Bacon flag before, You definately started my day with a smile. and a reality check. thanks.

  8. Cinner - No, this is my first breakfast flag...
    I was cooking some bacon in the microwave,
    and it just took shape...
    I guess though, in Canada, it would be Canadian bacon!

  9. Creative flag there. :)

    Mmmm. Will have to try the soup. I lurves soup, especially in winter.

  10. Love the flag! Almost as much as I'm digging the soup. ~Angie

  11. artsy in all ways, low carb home cookin' for the cold winter we're having!

  12. Shoulda said "Frying the flag!"


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