29 January 2010


THE smallest and cutest little pan.
Two eggs today.
Monster drink w/protein
Coffee, water, and 
you-guessed-it Advil. 

You*Tube video

Buddhist Rap at it's best!
An 11th century Tibetan Monk, non-attachment,
production by Fred Curchack and Laura Jorgensen.
Tried to go to the soirée last noc.
At the Bath House Cultural Center.
Got half way there - went home instead.


  1. At least I tried!
    Streets were flash-flooding.
    Couldn't cross over...

  2. Thanks, Kelly!
    I re-colorized them in photobucket.
    Amateur that I am!

  3. quail eggs? adorable!

  4. Nope - not a quail egg for me, please.
    These are good ol' chicken eggs....the pan is just small!!
    "Colon D"!!

  5. Now Anne, that is very impressive...I long to one day lift my leg that high. love what you did in photobucket. You are very creative with all your posts. I just love it.

  6. Thank you for noticing, Cinner! The window ledge is 4 feet high.
    I myself am only 5'2" -- my goal was to lose weight AND be in shape!
    In photobucket - they have a "geek" tool for special effects.
    This took me about an hour to do the re-colorizing!

  7. nice bright colors, gotta wear shades

    Why so much advil?

    I have a cute pot that would like a date with your cute skillet

  8. Hiya, SheZug -
    Advil - too much caffeine - headache everyday.
    Avoidance headache, to be sure.

    About the pot and the skillet - She is a "hottie," no?
    Love is everywhere.
    Just last week the dish ran away with the spoon!

  9. Cool effects on the shirts!

    I too am impressed you can get your leg that high. Last time I did that it was 1982.

    Sorry about the flooding. I hope the weather improves and your weekend is good!


  10. JJ - thanks!
    The weather just did improve... when you showed up!
    Always a bright spot in the doldrums of a rainy day!

  11. Anne,

    I really enjoy sharing in on your photoblogging. It looks like you have fun doing it too. That makes it even better. :-)

  12. JP - Thanks!
    Posting pics of the same Monster drinks, scrambled eggs, and hamburger meat....well, that gets a little old.
    The menu is ok - I love my LowCarb!
    But it's nothing to look at, day after day.
    So while it's not "photoblogging" per se, it does
    add a little brightness to an otherwise bland perspective.
    Plus, the pictures, video and music can speak for me
    when I cannot find the words.
    I was becoming a little reclusive there for a while.
    It's nice to know someone cares.


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