12 January 2010

a funeral soiree

1376 steps by 8 am
Monster Energy drink /protein
water, coffee, advil

funeral flowers

funeral food
"Just Say (are you freakin' kidding me) No"

people always post pics of dead trees

I guess they are pretty

6747 steps at work today

Kind of a "low-key" week so far.
Attending a funeral was the highlight.

Just now getting an idea of how hard
and involved losing weight can be.
And how it can effect your entire life.
And influence your image outward and your thoughts inward.

I already knew how fun and easy it can be.
I am just now resolving experiencing the self-doubt,
and rejection and insecurity about how I look, and looked.
Especially the rejection.

"Right Here, Right Now"
FatBoy Slim
note the ending


  1. I was invited to a living wake yesterday. I couldn't go because it was told to me an hour before it started and i have no car :( The gentleman this is for i've known for quite a while and i did send hugs his way, i'm not sure what i would have said had i gone. I'm sure i would have cried my eyes out though.

  2. That's a powerful video Anne. It really speaks volumes.

    I understand how weight loss can be a roller coast of a journey on the body and the emotions. You're doing a great job. Just take it one day at a time.

    We just found out we have a funeral to attend tomorrow :-(


  3. Rejection-love is a true test of our mettle.

    How we learn to view ourselves nad our world can stengthen or weaken us. Weight loss can help adjust that view. But, you can do it before then, too. It's all about perspective.

    Rejection be my life lately. We're still standing. We are strong. Hear us roar. :)

  4. You have the soul of an artist, AnneH. That is a very powerful video. Where do you find these things? I am impressed. I am having a hard time with my weight loss now -- my particular rollercoaster has coasted to a standstill. I'm hoping to start it again.

  5. I have the love - the rejection feels like the opposite of life.
    Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.

  6. Anne, Sorry for your up and down week. rejection feels like the opposite of life.... Remember you are loved. I am doing good this week. Bought some wellness books that I have been finding quite interesting. I have to come back in the am and listne to the video...i do not want to wake my husband...hug to you.


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