30 January 2010

fixing a hole

Der Tag Spricht
"The Day Speaks"

"Splashing around in puddles."
Driving to the store to get some silicone.
My window is leaking.
Perhaps a metaphysical message?
Either way, it's getting fixed!

Monster w/protein, coffee, water.
Two eggs, hamburger patty.
Less Advil today.
Must be getting better!
Or maybe it was the switch to Sudafed.

This just in.
Must be more crazy sh!t from my previous life!
Effing crazy!
But I am determined to not let it change me for the worse.
People talk about love and peace - 
but they won't (or can't seem to) stop the hate and fear.
Malice toward none - I meant it when I quoted that.
...And let it begin with me!...♫♬♪♪♪♫

In the meanwhile - Advil, anyone?


  1. I was going to say what are you up so early for Miss Fixit Anne.You go girl, the window does not stand a chance. Have a good weekend . take care.

  2. Ms Fix It - That's me!
    Well, it was me, once upon a time!
    Hope your weekend is going well, too!

  3. Glad you are feeling better.

    Great pics! always enjoying peaking into your world.

  4. Hi Anne; Hope all is well and you are feeling better. I love the pictures in the side bar.. how did you do those?

    I visited the 'Alternate Fasting' site and got inspired and beginning Monday I am going to low-carb / alternate fast and see how that works for me. I'm pretty excited about it. Thanks for the diversity of sites you visit and for staying in touch. I'll begin blogging myself again next week.

  5. brrrrrr! get that window fixed. last night walking the dogs i had to wear gloves AND a neck scarf. in texas??? great photo journal!

  6. Grrrr.
    This is why I post videos, songs, and pics.
    Words fail me.
    It's time to feel better.
    Going to sleep!
    If you want me, you'll find me hiding in a dream.

  7. Hey Anne, Sorry the carp is showing it's ugly face again. You have the right attitude- malice towards none. Hang in there and have a good nap. Perfect on a rainy day.


  8. My pot asked about your skillet today, I'll post a glamour shot later.

  9. *sigh*
    The self-doubt just won't stop some times.
    Neither do the tears, Miss Joanna.
    SheZug - I think the skillet should be a little careful.
    She might not be able to handle the rejection!
    It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

  10. DAN - Here's how I put the pics in the sidebar.
    Glad you liked them! Let me know if this works.
    First, create a new post.
    In this case, the 4 pics; small size, left alignment. Copy in HTML.
    Then go up to the tope, to "customize," and pick 'add a gadget.'
    Pick HTML/Java. Paste and viola!
    You are sized up - or down in the side bar!
    You can change the pic size even more,but below a certain size,
    it turns into thumbnails, and only displays a question mark.

  11. I'll take your Advil and double it. Hope you're on the mend. I took 800 mg and it has dulled my owies quite nicely.

    Ich vergesse meine Deutsch.

  12. Jo - I once lived in Germany - in the Army.
    When I get upset, I find great comfort in German music....
    Dark, broody, moody - just like me.
    But in a well-contained, way.
    Conflict: Resolution.
    Hope you are also mending nicely!


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